Jerry Seinfeld Sent Ke$ha Back To 2009

Jerry Seinfeld Sent Ke$ha Back To 2009

In a way I’d say Seinfeld was ahead of its time, because the fab four of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine I think would have enjoyed the social isolationism that the internet in 2017 provides. No more talking on the phone. No more kiss hellos. None of that mandatory social conformity BS. You get the idea. So while I’d expect it to be Larry David shutting down a celebrity hug on the red carpet in 2017, I’m still not shocked in the least bit that Jerry Seinfeld is team no hug.

Here he is completely rejecting Ke$ha’s advances for a hug, eviscerating her so hard she’s lost any sense of humanity.

Jerry just Dwight Howard-ed her ass back to 2009. Sent her FLYING.

The question is: does Jerry know this was Kesha and not just some rando fan? The answer is it doesn’t matter. Not at all. That could be fucking Kate Middleton and he’d put up the patented two hand back away lean away. I think Jerry may have even been happier when it turned out to be Kesha. Like “me and my Mick Jagger looking ass gonna kick YOU to the curb.”

And how about Kesha being a Seinfeld fan? Easily the biggest shocker in this story. I’m not sleeping on the fact that Kesha somehow found a red carpet in 2017 that will let her behind a velvet rope, but I guess that “Timber” money train still hasn’t run out yet. So yeah, the biggest eye popper with this is that Kesha is a Seinfeld gal. Somehow, somebody who brushes their teeth with a bottle of jack doesn’t strike me as someone pining to be a fly on the wall at Monk’s Cafe. Just another example how Seinfeld resonates with literally anyone.

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