It’s Not A Beer, It’s A Conversation Starter

It’s Not A Beer, It’s A Conversation Starter

There has been some recent talk of beer shaming on this website. Most people in our demographic thoroughly enjoy the mid-low quality macro brews that American breweries are pumping out for us hundreds of thousands of gallons at a time. But when did we become so soft about it? Every time I’ve seen this dialogue opened, the same conclusion is reached. “Stop judging me for preferring a lower quality beer.” Your choice of beer is as near and dear to your heart as your favorite sports team. It’s not something to fault people for judging you on, it’s a conversation starter.

In a room full of people drinking, there is one common denominator: alcohol. “What are you drinking?” is probably the first thing you say to a stranger sitting next to you at a bar after you finally got bored scrolling through all of your social media feeds. “Oh, that shit is disgusting” very well could be what you’re thinking when they respond with a beer that has eight words in its name. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s taste in beer doesn’t mean you have to cut the conversation short. The ice has already been broken. Let the conversation flow to the game that’s on TV, your favorite team, where you’re from, what you do for work, etc. Next thing you know you could be exchanging business cards and closing deals. All because of a beer.

Of course, not every conversation started over a beer goes over as smoothly as that pilsner you may be sipping on. There will always be people out there trying to push the micro-brew agenda because there will always be insufferable assclowns in the world. These people may use big words and attempt to humiliate you for not knowing what “dry-hopping” is. This is just their way of conversing. They were probably bullied in high school. I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t give a single flying fuck how the beer was made, or where the hops came from. If it tastes good, I will drink it. If someone want to argue about why I should be drinking the aged double IPA over a Budweiser then fine, bring it on. I won’t take offense. A dialogue has been started.

The world is becoming increasingly difficult to make conversation in with so many controversial topics, current events, and those who love to wave the PC flag in everything situation they walk into. The moment we can’t have a passion filled argument about beer preference without someone getting offended is the moment when this world is truly lost. If you tell me you enjoy Coors Light, I know you’re just the type of person trying to slam 144oz of piss water, black out, and still have room for another 144oz of piss water. If you tell me you prefer Michelob Ultra, I automatically assume you’re a phony in all other aspects of your life, or that you belong on a sandbar with an unhealthy tan, smoking menthols and hitting on individuals much younger than you. When I tell you that my fridge is always stocked with a 12-er of Miller Lattes, feel free to call me out on how stupid it is to refer to them as “lattes.”

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to malt beverages. People are going to judge you for one thing or another, so why shouldn’t it be over a beer? Take it on the chin and move on. The only beer worth crying over is spilled beer.

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