It’s Añejo Season

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Go back in time to the first week in March. Remember that magical day when the weather warmed up, the sun came out, and the winter officially died. GroupMes and Slack channels blew up with “patio weather” messages and happy hour plans. That was a great day. That was the first Gin and Tonic Day of the year.

Allow me to explain. When the weather changes, so too do our drink needs. The first G&T (or vodka-soda, or whatever your preference) of the year is a glorious thing.

Well, now it’s time to make the switch again. And this one is certainly more exciting. It’s añejo season. Time to snuggle under a blanket, swipe right for cuffing season, and pour something brown into a lowball with a handful of ice cubes.

It’s that time. The weather is changing. A crispness fills the air. It’s Avión Añejo season.

Of course, it’s fall. Football, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are upon us. But the real celebration is for Añejo.

Fuck scotch. That’s a garbage spirit. We get it, you think it’s smooth and love the smokiness. Well, you’re wrong. Scotch is low-quality swill. Grow up.

Bourbon? It tastes good, but it’s all sugar, and sugar is poison. Have some respect for yourself. You stand at your desk, unlike that self-loathing loser Tracy from accounting. Your frat days are behind you anyway.

So where does this leave us? Avión Añejo is the best choice, you fucking rube.

First a quick lesson on tequila. By law, all Añejo tequilas must be aged at least one year in wooden barrels. This imparts a smoky-woody flavor and handsome color. This is a sipping spirit. The aging creates a complexity much different from even the best blanco tequilas.

Why is Avión Añejo special? They age the tequila in white oak barrels previously used to age American Whiskey, and it’s aged two years, creating a smoother, richer product than other brands. 100% of Avión’s agave is grown on lands that are owned or managed by the Lopez family. At around 7,000 feet above sea level, the nutrient-rich soil and large temperature swings create a rich and naturally sweet agave. The agave is grown, harvested, roasted, distilled, filtered, aged, and bottled at the same site, making it one of the only single-sourced tequilas available.

Avión Añejo is a favorite of Whiskey drinkers when they are looking to be more social. A couple of fingers of smooth Avión Añejo over ice creates a perfect balance between the roasted agave and aged oak. Use it in place of whiskey for a more interesting Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Plus, you can pour some tequila into a highball glass with ice, soda water, and some lime juice for a refreshing and complex cocktail for those unseasonably warm fall days that require outdoor activities like grilling or tossing a football with your second cousin at Thanksgiving.

Don’t take my word for it. Follow Avión on Instagram and check out their extensive cocktail recipe page.

It’s time for a change. Give Avión Añejo a shot.

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