Is It Time For Me To Take The Plunge And Get A Dog?

Is It Finally Time For Me To Get A Dog?

As a twenty-something postgrad about to take the plunge into cohabiting with my significant other, I am faced with a ton of questions that many before me have considered. How do we fit all of her cloths in the tiny closet? Can I still watch sports 7 days a week or am I signing up for endless Bravo marathons? Will this change the quality and quantity of our “alone time”? But most prevalent of all, I believe, is the age old question that confronts all of us – well maybe not ALL of us on our journey to adulthood – Do we get a dog?

Initially, the answer is a hard no for me. I am a planner and a budget conscious (cheap) human being – and the logistics of getting a dog just don’t add up. They cost a fortune, we are not home enough during the day to walk them, and they will destroy our brand new apartment. On top of all that is the fact that our new pad is only 800 square feet, so there is not exactly a ton of space for a third roommate.

I can picture it now – trying to relax after a long day of work, bumping into the lady friend as she is cooking her dinner, and then stepping on the dog’s paw as I try to escape the chaos. That all sounds like a recipe for disaster and a very quick way to make our new living arrangement unnecessarily stressful.

On the other hand, dogs are the best. Without ruining anyone’s day (especially my own) I will just say that my family dog passed away peacefully a few weeks ago and I am very vulnerable to cuteness and affection right now, She was one of the best things I had going in my life, and while no dog can ever replace your childhood one, they all bring the same love to the table. There is nothing better than walking into a house and seeing a smiling little fur-ball who is just ECSTATIC you are finally home to play with them.

No matter how bad you sucked at work, how many times you skipped the gym, or how shitty of a human being you actually are – your dog will always love you. That unconditional love sure as hell makes up for some of the inconvenience they may bring, and it definitely makes this decision tougher to make.

There are certainly other factors to consider as well – like the commitment of getting the closest thing to a child with another person. But to be honest that doesn’t scare me off at all – the lady friend would be a dope dog owner and if something were to happen between us the dog would be taken care of just fine. Judging by the amount of Instagram tags we send each other involving dogs, I strongly believe we would treat a potential pet like a Queen regardless of our relationship status.

And sure, vacations are hard when you have a puppy, but I can assure you my family and friends would LOVE to help watch a potential dog for a week with no long term commitments on their end. I know that a decision like this should be made emotion-free and with a rational outlook…. but come on. They’re so damn cute. Perhaps it is best to give it a few months before taking the plunge, but we all need a dog in our lives, even if we will accidentally step on its paw and go broke feeding it. Stay tuned for endless snapchats of the new addition to the fam!

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