If The Cast Of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Had Snapchat

If The Cast Of 'Friday Night Lights' Had Snapchat

Friday Night Lights was known for embodying the smalltown feel of Dillon, Texas. Simple, hardworking, old-fashioned, Dillon residents had a unique way of communicating with each other. And no, it wasn’t through iPhones. It was by randomly showing up at the frontdoor of one another’s house and having awkward conversations that took one of the parties by surprise.

Because the show ended right at the advent of iPhone usage, one has to wonder how the times would’ve changed if they didn’t have to have the face-to-face conversations that we all grew to love. Saracen would have to keep “Find Friends” on so his grandma could keep tabs on him, Lyla would have a Lilly Pulitzer case, and Coach would have a flip phone that he insists, “Does just fine.”

But one app would’ve taken Dillon by storm just like it did the rest of the country – Snapchat.

Tyra Collette

Tyra, who graduated from college after writing that killer 150-word essay, is now in grad school. Her Snapchats mostly consist of stacks of books with captions like, “Never not studying,” and “Another wild night!” (sarcastically, of course). The main point of her Snapchat would be to make her life look more responsible than it is, and she’d string multiple guys along by sending private Snapchats to them.

Billy Riggins

Billy would exclusively use Snapchat to follow porn stars. Getting their usernames from a list that one of his sketchy friends found on Reddit, he’d continuously have to explain to Mindy that he didn’t actually know the girls he followed.

Becky Sproles

After sending Luke a “Dear John” letter during his stint in the army, Becky would constantly post photos in black-and-white. She would litter her story with “better off without him” and “single and strong” in hopes of getting the attention of the guys she’d been involved with since. Frequently refreshing the app to see who viewed her story, she’d eventually just send nudes to the guys she liked and they’d cast her to the side while labeling her “crazy.”

Luke Cafferty

“Can’t we just call each other on phones like the olden days?”

Lyla Garrity

Lyla, in her attempts to be the “good” girl, would exclusively post her meal prepping, her workouts where she flexed into the mirror at the gym after her ClassPass class, and craft / wine nights with her girlfriends. She would only use the fourth filter – the one that brightens and pastels everything – and get all of her news from the Cosmopolitan Snapchat story. After getting a small dog, all the people who followed her because she was hot in high school decided to unfollow her because her Yorkie became the central theme of her stories.

Landry Clarke

Unsure of the real-world purpose for Snapchat, Lance would download the app because Tyra told him to. He would post grainy, shitty videos to his story asking people to come to Crucifictorious shows, as well as post videos from other concerts which were too unintelligible for anyone to know who was performing or where he was. He’d end up never using it again after Pokémon Go came out.

Vince Howard

Vince, who ended up winning the Heisman after spearheading the best spread offense in the nation, would spend the following months posting lavish photos of cars and apartments to his story which would eventually alert the NCAA. After it was rumored that sanctions would come down on the university, he would declare for the draft rather than take care of the “unfinished business” of winning a national championship.

Julie Taylor

After breaking up with Matt (because be honest, there’s no way they live happily ever after), Julie would fill her story with party-girl Snapchats from clubs where trashy promoters offered her free bottle service. She’d attempt to emulate that hand thing that Kylie Jenner does while driving, and eventually crash her car into a light pole for the second time. Between her bottomless mimosas and late night selfies leaving bars, she’d delete most of her Snapchats once she sobered up and realized she had lipstick on her teeth. She’d also feel shame after receiving almost-daily texts from Matt (who is still in love with her), pleading, “Julie, you should really be more careful of what you’re putting on your story.” She’d eventually end up on Johnny Manziel’s story while visiting Dallas for a long weekend.


An avid user, Smash would use the front-facing camera 90 percent of the time. Between his 10-second inspirational workout lectures, he would post “rise and grind” Snapchats, as well as photos of what songs he’s listening to on the way to the gym. “Be great today,” he would say while Drake plays in the background, “You never know whose life you could touch with a smile.” And then he’d smile into the camera and say, “See y’all tomorrow. The Smash is out,” before turning off his light and going to bed.

Matt Saracen

Saracen would have all of a dozen Snapchat friends and not know how to send photos to any of them. He would lurk from behind the screen of his iPhone 4, simply watching everyone’s stories but never sending messages or interacting. Julie would get upset with him because they could never get a streak going, but he and her both knew that he only had the app to make sure she was okay when she went out. But through his experiences in art school, his Instagram following grew and grew because he’d only upload photos of Chicago that he took with his DSLR camera, and Julie would get pissed that he had more followers than she did.

Tim Riggins

Riggins would download the app on his three-year-old Android phone before accidentally posting something wildly inappropriate, which would cause him to delete the app altogether and dub it, “just stupid, man.” He wouldn’t think about the app for another four to five months before catching wind that you can not only receive nude photos on it, but also follow models and porn stars alike. At that point, he’d attempt to download again but fail to log in after forgetting his password, which was simply texas4evr.

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