I Stalked My Coworker And I’m Too Invested To Stop

I Stalked My Coworker And I'm Too Invested To Stop

As I sat in a conference room in the office, staring out at the rows of desks, I noticed someone standing at the printer. He was tall and good looking, and he immediately piqued my interest. Despite frequent advice to never get involved with a coworker, I couldn’t help myself. He had a face as sweet as the devils, and I knew I couldn’t say no if the opportunity arose. I continued to see him walk by the conference over the next few weeks. Our interactions progressed to eye contact and stolen glances lasting just a few too many seconds to be anything other than the “I want to fuck you” stare. Despite my best efforts, I knew nothing about him and had no opportunity to talk to him. I had very little to go off of, other than we worked for the same company.

Then- one night as I was scrolling through my dating app, I had a breakthrough. His picture popped up on my screen. I thought, “What did I do to deserve this good fortune??” I finally had a name. After weeks long of eye fucking, I needed to know more about this person. I had a name and company, so from there it was easy to find all platforms of social media. Before you go thinking I’m absolutely insane, I’ll explain that I’m only a little bit insane and also a very resourceful and nosy person who works in an investigative field.

To my luck, his Instagram was set to public. I scrolled through his pictures to try to get a better understanding of who he was and if I would like his personality as much as his looks. A particular picture of a girl caught my eye.

Well, as it turns out, the girl was/is his girlfriend. It became very clear after going through her Instagram that the two were a long term couple. Turns out my boy with the face as sweet as the devils was actually the devil himself. I was shocked he was on dating sites when he had a girlfriend. I wondered if she knew about it or if they were looking for some sort of ménage a trios.

Whatever the case, I’ve become too invested in their relationship. I know too much about them from social media and it’s become like a dramatic episode of One Tree Hill made just for me. Would she find out his treason? Would they break up? Would he propose? I check in occasionally to find out the status of their relationship. As of now, I haven’t seen any pictures of both of them in quite a few weeks, and I fear the worst may have happened. Until she adds more posts, I’ll have to wait to find out more about the dramatic conclusion of this season of Stalking My Coworker and His Girlfriend.

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