How’s “It” Going?

It’s the dreaded question that causes anxiety for nearly every twenty-something postgrad.

If we are all being honest here, “it” isn’t really going anywhere. A typical day now consists of applying for at least 30 jobs, half of which I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified for. I find myself constantly glaring at my phone in hopes of a ring for a telephone interview or email followup, only to be disappointed/relieved when it is my mother calling to check in. Part of me wants to lie and say I’m feeling really confident that I’ll get a second interview, and the other part usually ends up breaking down and asking questions like, “Do you think I would make it as a nun/truck driver/prostitute?”


When my friends ask how “it” is going, I usually base my answer on where they currently are in life. The ones that are already successful and well on their way to where they want to be usually get the “Everything is looking very promising!” spiel. I know that you know this is a lie, but thank you for at least pretending to believe me. Might I suggest though, that you PLEASE stop complaining about jobs you already have and just be grateful you have one. I will happily take yours if it is as bad as you make it out to be.

The friends that are in the same situation as me are my favorite. We spend our days sending each other texts, job links someone might possibly qualify for, and Snapchats of our pets. I also enjoy when we discuss all of the possible ways we could flea our slightly pathetic lives, usually over some type of happy hour, followed by googling life quotes for drink toasts/Pinterest crafts/pick-me-ups that usually end in at least one person shedding a tear.


Then, of course, there are the friends who are lucky enough to still be in college. When they ask how is “it” going, I can’t help but be slightly jealous, and excited for when they eventually get to see how it really is out here in “the real world.” Usually they ask something idiotic like “Why don’t you just get a job?” and it takes all my strength not to literally slap them in the face. You just wait until your turn.

oh-get-a-job-charlie-dayI know that one day, hopefully, I will look back and laugh at all of this. But that doesn’t make it any easier right now. So for those of you not in this situation, please be gentle with those of us who are. I can promise you, we are probably all just a few (or one) more “how is ‘it’ goings” away from a trip to the psychiatric hospital. And for those of you in the same predicament as I, just know that you are not alone even though that reassurance REALLY doesn’t work anymore. So for now, I will continue to have the least amount of hope one can probably have that one day “it” will be going great.

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Mid-twenty something, with an unhealthy obsession with my dog and wine. Currently battling what seems to be a quarter-life crisis.

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