Here Are Some Of The Best “F**k It, I’m Done” Stories Fed Up People Admitted To On The Internet

Here Are Some Of The Best “F**k It, I’m Done” Stories Fed Up People Admitted To On The Internet

Have you ever just been sitting in the office, had a string of just ridiculously awful shit happen to you, and just call it?

Maybe you haven’t acted on it by throwing everything off your desk and shouting “I fucking quit!” so loud it shook the building, but you’ve definitely felt that way at one point or another in your working lifetime. We all have.

Here are some of the best “Fuck it, I’m done,” stories on the internet, courtesy of Reddit:

I put in my 2 week notice at work to pursue a better opportunity. Things had been nothing but positive at that job, but it was time to move on.
The next day at work, I get a meeting invite for what I expected to be an exit interview. I walk in, and HR and the corporate lawyer are there. The lawyer demands to know where I’m going to work, and starts shouting threats to ruin me with legal action for violating the non-compete agreement (I wasn’t).
At that point, Fuck a smooth transition–I spent the next 2 weeks taking 3 hour lunches, chatting with friends in the halls and doing ZERO work.

Best two weeks of your life, I bet.

My boss waited until the week before a proposal was due to start on it. She had received it 2 months prior and at that point I offered to help and received no response from her. Then, the week before the due date she comes to me in a PANIC asking for my help. (This was the third time she had done this shit to me.) I forward her all of my research and files and stay late every night helping to put it together. Reviewing the final draft of said proposal…my research is 80% of the content and I am not listed on the team. Fuck it, I’m done.

Accepted another job offer 2 days later, haven’t looked back since.

Must be nice to have that job offer sitting in the back pocket.

When I came home and my son told me his stepmom boxed up his PlayStation while he was playing it so she could sell it

She’d be better off selling the ring.

I was dating a girl whose father was dying of cancer and was at home in hospice care. I found out that she was stealing his morphine to get high. That’s when I said, you know this probably isn’t the type of person I want to be with.

Geez. Quality high, though.

I was a broke college student and working part-time as a night janitor and full-time as a Research Assistant before having to go back to school in the Spring. I needed the money to pay for tuition. After my first lease expired, I tried contacting a few places for a summer sublet. But no one got back to me in time and I had to live a few days in my car. But within a few days of me moving out, the apt owners sent me their responses. At that point, I had already developed a system and was quite used to being homeless.

So that entire summer, I just said “Fuck it. I’m done.” And lived out of my car. I would shower once every two days at the university’s lab shower and sleep in the unrestricted night parking spots.

Hope the situation has improved.

“Sorry can’t take you to ER because I have bad hair”. Was all I needed to hear to understand that person is a piece of shit and need not have anything to do with her.

At least you survived.

First job in high school I booked a short holiday away. Spoke to manager in work and she told me I could not have it off under no reason as the only person who could cover was also on holiday in another country. They walked into the store the next day. Spoke to them and they said yeah they could cover easily. Went back to manager and she still flat out told me no, so went fuck it. I’m done. Handed in my notice and went on that holiday. Don’t bullshit your staff.

Who honestly gives a fuck about high school jobs?

When the man I had loved for years told me we were on hold.
He informed me of the exact evening he was going on a date with some new girl and that he’d let me know by the end of the week if we were back on.
Amusingly he got offended when I told him I felt disrespected. The idea of a healthy adult relationship with this man is futile. Feels so good to be done with him.

That dude is fucking bold.

Wanted to make plans with my at the time best friend. His response was “If nobody else wants to do anything that night, I guess we can.” Was the final straw that made me just say “fuck it,” and stop the friendship. Been 4 or 5 years since that happened. Don’t regret it one bit.

Only a true best friend would say that.

Jodi, can I get these days off in December? I’m not in town I need them off.
“It’s only October you have to wait until November to book them off.”
OK Cool.
*November 1st*
Jodi, I need to book these days off in December.
“Sorry a whole bunch of people already booked it off I can’t give you the days”
It’s the first day of the month and it’s 9am and I am literally the first person to talk to you here, how the hell did people book days off?!
“Oh I took bookings last week because it was almost November.”
Oh. OK. Hey Jodi? I quit. Fuck you.

Fucking Jodi, man.

I asked several friends to help me move once. They all were glad to help but none of them showed up, so I moved everything, beds, couches and all by myself. Haven’t asked anyone for jack shit since then.

Counterpoint: Asking people to help move is a shitty thing to do.

When I had to do a 100 per rectal examinations a day in my first month as a surgical resident… it was such a disgusting thing that I ended up switching to a different speciality
It has been amazing in my new speciality as I at least don’t have to look at people’s assholes all day.

Life’s too short for a job like that.

Girlfriend cheated, told her I need space to think. Friend texts me a few days later to find out what happened. Get really into the details with my friend about my relationship with her. He keeps making weird excuses that “justify” her behavior like “Maybe she’s scared of how she feels about you and that’s why she cheated.” I end up super pissed, stop talking to him. Text him the next day to say fuck off. Turns out he didn’t have his phone that night. My ex invited him to a party, stole his phone, locked herself in the bathroom and impersonated my friend to try and convince me to take her back. NOPE!

Sounds like a backdoor brag to me.

To read more of this glorious thread, click HERE.

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