Get Out There And Fish

Get Out There And Fish

Summer is a time for all things outdoors. If you aren’t spending every free hour of daylight outside then frankly, you are doing Summer an injustice. This bright-eyed sun-kissed harlot only comes round once a year so you gotta give her everything you’ve got when she does. One thing that seems to be overlooked in favor of lawn games and afternoons on the patio is fishing. Granted geography is a big factor in that, but if you have access, there is no excuse. As Memorial Day approaches, escorting in the wonderful season of BBQs, Hefeweizens, and Saturdays at the links, I encourage you to find some time wet a line every now and then.

There are very few things in life more relaxing than fishing. After dealing with clients, bullshitting emails, and writing reports, it is so satisfying just to unplug for a couple of hours at a pond or on the shore of a lake (#teamlake) somewhere. Of course I am never totally unplugged because you bet your ass that largemouth I just snagged is going on my snap story. And if it is big enough, it might even warrant an updated profile pic. Doing it for the likes is an added benefit of fishing.

Sitting on a rock as the sun goes down (or comes up if you are the motivated type) testing your luck against nature is something everyone should experience. Sure it can be frustrating at times when the fish aren’t biting or you are getting nothing but LDRs (Long Distance Releases), but it’s the way she goes. Fishing is much like golf in my opinion. You could just be hacking at the ball all afternoon and land one nice wedge shot on the green of the 16th and you are still going to be back to play next weekend. Similarly, you could sit there and cast for 3 hours but the second you land something it all becomes worth it. Even if it is an 8” perch.

Rippin’ lips doesn’t cost anything either. Aside from the couple big daddy tweas (Twisted Teas) you picked up on the way to the fishing hole, you got a couple free hours of entertainment. You don’t need a $30,000 boat and the truck to haul it. You don’t even need a canoe. Just a rod and reel and a few choice lures on the edge of the water. Hell, people didn’t even have that much back in the day and they still managed to fish. But I’m not about to start jabbing at the water with a spear I carved out of a branch; it’s just not my style.

What sets fishing apart from other free forms of outdoor entertainment like hiking or running is that fishing isn’t a very physically demanding activity. The repetitive motion of cast and reel is soothing, therapeutic even. But even if the effort involved in whipping a 3 lb. rod and reel back and forth is still more than you want to be doing, you can always throw a worm and a bobber on and let her float. With the occasional twitch of the wrist, you’re in business.

And last, as if anyone needed another reason to, fishing is a perfect time to tie one on. Alcohol makes everything better. So if they just aren’t jumping and you haven’t had as much as a nibble, at least you can catch a buzz, and that is a concept we all can get behind. Get out there and fish.

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