Father Sends Dozens Of Emails And Videos To His Daughter Right Before He Dies To Help Her Through Different Life Scenarios

Father Sends Dozens Of Emails And Videos To His Daughter Right Before He Dies To Help Her Through Different Life Scenarios

I get it. Some of you are sick of the consistent Reddit posts from lazy ol’ CashBack. I can’t help it that I peruse Reddit for five of the eight hours I sit at my work desk. It’s an affliction. There is no cure.

Anyway, I also know that some of you like seeing cool Reddit stories, and there are very few that are going to be better than this one. I almost teared up in my cubicle, but I had to fight it off because it would look super fucking strange crying while supposedly filling in missing information into an Excel doc.

If you have ever lost a loved one, especially a parent, due to a terminal illness, this might evoke some emotions for you.

A young woman shared the story of what her father did before he died so he could always connect with his daughter.

From Reddit:

Today was my graduation and my dad couldn’t be there because he passed away just last month.

Today, I got a card in his handwriting congratulating me. Written in the card was an email account and password, which I thought was strange.

I logged in, and there are hundreds of emails, all from him. The subjects are all different events that may take place in my life and some more “random” ones like “Open when you had an embarrassing moment” or “Open when mom you and mom are fighting.” Each email contains a word document and a video attachment.

I opened the graduation one, and I am in absolute tears. I never thought I’d be able to really hear his voice again or see him again. This one was recorded the day he and my mom broke the news to us about how many more months he has to live due to his cancer. I know this because he’s wearing the shirt I bought him, and he wore the shirt the whole day before he noticed the “m” sticker on it. This was before he started chemo. I forgot how he looked and sounded like before he had cancer. I don’t know when the others are recorded.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for it. I wanted to share it, but I didn’t know to whom. This is the best gift I could have ever asked for: and infinite amount of time with my dad. Now, he’s with me forever, wherever, and whenever. I love him and I miss him.

Bet you weren’t expected to feel such emotion on a Wednesday afternoon at the office. Neither was I. Hit me like a ton of bricks.

Losing a parent is absolutely fucking brutal. People say time heals all wounds, but those who have lost parents will tell you time doesn’t help. It gets better, but there will always be pain. Especially around the holidays, or a major life event like a wedding or, in this case, a graduation. One of my good friends lost his father four years ago, and he is basically inconsolable on Father’s’ Day.

This post made my morning. Hopefully some of you enjoyed it too. From Reddit Porn to Reddit Feels, what another incredible day of content on Reddit Dot Com.

[via Reddit]

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