Egyptian Bus Driver Uses Wife’s Urine To Beat Drug Test, Finds Out She’s Pregnant In Worst Possible Way

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Drugs are still illegal in most places. It may not seem that way given the extensive media attention and recent surge in legalization supporters, but they are, and you will still have to take a drug test as a stipulation of getting hired. Even in Egypt.

There are ways to deal with these pesky drug tests, however. Using someone else’s clean urine, for example, is a solid strategy. Considering the chances of getting caught while being drug tested in a developing country are most likely fairly slim, pulling the ole switcheroo with clean piss a no brainer if you’re an Egyptian bus driver seeking to hide the occasional high from your employer.

There was one giant problem with the man’s urine test, though – it proved that he was pregnant. How could that be?!

From BBC:

The man had been selected for a standard drugs test along with other public bus drivers, but did not submit his own urine sample, instead using his wife’s, the Al-Yawm al-Sabi website reports. What he didn’t know was that his wife was two months pregnant. Before revealing the news, officials asked the driver to confirm the sample was in fact his own,according to Tamer Amin, a presenter on the political talk show Bottom Line. After the driver said it was, the officials reportedly responded: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

Poor guy. Gets caught, probably fired, and finds out his wife is preggers at the same damn time. That’s a shame. Brats are expensive.

Either way, he screwed his co-workers as well. The Public Transport Authority Hospital will now require a blood sample along with a urine test to avoid the possibility of another pregnant male bus driver.

Fun Fact: As I was searching for an image to put atop this article, the only pictures of Egyptian buses I could find were either on fire or the remnant of a bomb, so this incident may be a blessing in disguise.

[via BBC]

Image via Flickr

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