DJ Khaled’s 5 Rules for Nailing A Job Interview

DJ Khaled's 5 Rules for Nailing A Job Interview

Fat Joe and Mother Teresa had a baby and his name is DJ Khaled. The dude truly finds inspiration in everything and is living a forever #blessed life. Don’t believe me? Watch this video my friend Eric sent me and prepare for your worldview to shift:

He’s the perfect person to hype you up and inspire you before a stressful situation. And what’s more stressful than a job interview (probably many things like being kidnapped or not having enough money at the grocery store)? In short, DJ Khaled is the spiritual/professional guide we’ve all been waiting for:

DJ Khaled’s 5 Rules For Nailing A Job Interview

All photos courtesy of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

1. Give Thanks

Walk into that interview and internally express gratitude for every single thing you see (“Wow, I’m thankful for that ficus in the corner.” “Thank God for this comfortable chair.”). Then, vocally express gratitude for the opportunity, “Thanks for having me and for this opportunity. I’m excited to learn more about the position.” WOW, bingbangboom, you’re off to a great start.


2. Trust Your Genius

You a genius! You’ve made it this far — think about those peasants that didn’t even land an interview. Prove them right about you, lil Einstein, and show off your smarts!


3. Live Smooth And Be Positive

Don’t choose to live rough! Sure, this interview is a high pressure situation but remember: this person wants you to be the right fit for the company, too. They want you to succeed. So stay calm, live smooth, and put out positive vibes. You won’t attract anyone with negative energy! Be upbeat, engaging, and make sure your skin is smooth (no one wants to hire someone with flaky skin).


4. Grow

“What is your biggest weakness?” Ugh, this question sucks. Here’s a thought: Answer honestly. Then, lay out your plan for overcoming that weakness. Nobody’s perfect*, but as long as you convey that you’re constantly trying to grow both personally and professionally, you won’t be faulted for your imperfections.

*Except DJ Khaled


“I remember when this tree was small. Now look at it. It’s called growth.” — DJ Khaled

5. Don’t Wait, Open The Door

If you want something, go get it. End the interview by making sure the interviewer knows how much you want the position. This works: “I’m confident that I’m the best candidate for this position, and in case I haven’t been clear, I really want this job.” It sounds stupid, but you’ve got to close the sale.


And look, if you don’t crush this interview, there’s always next time. You’ve got to go through the brown grass to get to the green.


“Sometimes it [the grass] turns brown. I said that’s a part of life. Trials and tribulations”
— DJ Khaled

So, go get ‘em tiger! And, while you’re at it, follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat: DjKhaled305.

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