Comcast Is Now Trying Non-Disclosures To Hide Their Own Mistakes

Comcast Is Now Trying Non-Disclosures To Hide Their Own Mistakes

On May 5, Comcast announced they were hiring 5,500 new employees for a multi-year overhaul of their customer service department. On May 7, we learned why it is more necessary than ever.

Just when I the cable giant couldn’t stoop any lower, a story surfaced out of Philadelphia of a couple being billed $600 for a box they returned five years ago.

Per Action News 6 Philadelphia:

The Lehmans tell us that for five years, Comcast erroneously charged them for a cable box they’d actually turned in.

“I am not happy about it, that’s over $600,” said Lehman.

They say they have all their bills – five years’ worth to prove it.

Damn right, Lehmans, you shouldn’t be happy. But alright, you have all the receipts, looks like if you put up with Tom from Comcast for ten minutes then this will all be sorted out. But, of course, it wasn’t. As Comcast continues to do, they let us down and then had the audacity to try and force the Lehmans into keeping their mouths shut.

The Lehmans got a voicemail from Comcast saying they would give them their $600 but only if they agreed not to talk about it.

Wait a second, let’s get this straight: You messed up for five straight years and rather than just giving me my money and calling it a day, you now want me to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Oh, no no no. Bad move, Tom.

Now this is the part where if I was on the other side of the phone I’d probably be in a holding cell right now having to explain to a cop what I meant when I said I was going to head over to his office and go full-Liam Neeson on everyone before heading to his home and doing the same to his family.

Luckily for Tom, cooler heads prevailed in this one and John Lehman decided to call the media to do the work for him. After all, he looks likes he’s in his late 50s from the news story and doesn’t need that kind of stress from one of the most incompetent companies in the world. His response when asked about interacting with Comcast:

“Dealing with them is like banging your head against the wall – you get nowhere.”

Well put, John. I applaud the lack of profanity and threats while describing the company beautifully.

As for you, Comcast, I dream of the day you go bankrupt.

[via Action News 6 Philadelphia]

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