If There’s Really A Coffee Shortage Then We’re Going To Have A Problem

If There's Really A Coffee Shortage Then We're Going To Have A Problem

It’s a well-known fact that without coffee, your day is worthless. Whether you go for a k-cup, Starbucks, or crappy (read: free) break room coffee, your morning cup of java is essential to starting off a successful and productive day at the office. On the rare morning I don’t have time to caffeinate before work, my energy falls to a sluggish level, rendering me unable to do anything other than scroll through Reddit and stare at a blank spreadsheet unable to do anything at all. However, I may have to start training my body to do without my daily skinny vanilla latte, because according to environmental scientists, our coffee supply may actually go extinct.

This is not a drill, and you may begin panicking now. The Climate Institute of Australia has just published a report confirming all of our worst nightmares: global warming is severely affecting growth of coffee beans. So much so, that if warming continues on the same trend, half of the area where coffee grows will be unsuitable for growing the beans by 2050, and we can be without the beans altogether by 2080. This sounds like the plot to a science fiction horror movie, but according to scientists, it could actually come true.

While my wallet would thank me for finally kicking my Starbucks addiction, a future without coffee is one I’m not sure I want to be a part of. I guess I should start using the office recycling bin and making environmentally-conscious decisions. Maybe I’ll even upgrade to a Tesla, you know, to save the coffee beans. Bike to work, carpool, take public transportation, do whatever it takes, but for the love of pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time to start making environmentally conscious decisions for all of our extremely caffeine-dependent brains.

[via Business Insider]

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