Checkout This Creepy Email A Jealous Coworker Sent To His Colleague

Do not dip your pen in the company ink. Am I right?” – Randy Graves

Reddit user chilaxinman took to the blog forum to share an email from a coworker — whom he’d previously had minimal interaction with — in which the coworker warns chilaxin at great length to not interfere with his nonexistent romantic relationship.



Whelp, there is an overwhelming amount of disgrace to digest here. As if it weren’t already established by the explicitly insecure all-capitalized subject title “STAY AWAY” and “THIS” in the body, the sender of this email loses all credibility by saying that this gal Julia and him are “basically an item.” Gee, pal, “basically” isn’t exactly the most convincing qualifier to ever come my way, and jointly referring to the two of you as an “item” is the lamest, most out-of-date relationship vocabulary I’ve heard all month.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say that you “like all of her hopes, wants, and aspirations,” but it sounds pretty clingy. It also sounds like you need to read a fucking book for once and realize that the much more common expression is that you “support” all of her hopes and dreams. Saying that you “like” some chick’s mental process is a bit odd, if you ask me.

“And even though we aren’t technically dating right now, I know she’ll soon see that I’m the right guy for her. I’m a good guy.” Okay, you have my attention — now that you’ve asserted you’re a good guy.

After calling chilaxin a “bozo-like clown,” not only does he lose credibility of being that good guy, but also any credibility as a sane human. What company hired this man?

Throw in a final friendly all-capitalized “STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM JULIA” to sign off with, and you’ve got yourself a slam dunk of a Reddit post, man. The sender of this threatening email deserves this public shaming.

Just so long as he never burns the building to the ground, but I have my doubts about that.

[via Reddit]

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