Brian Williams Raps “Gin And Juice” On Fallon

Brian Williams, highly decorated anchor of NBC Nightly News, paid a special visit to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Monday night. No, I'm not talking about completely cut and edited raps like "Rappers Delight," although that did happen and it was 1000 percent unicorn magic. He appeared on The Tonight Show to be interviewed, though he didn't answer as many questions as he made suggestions. After "not" name-dropping Cuba Gooding, Jr. and thanking Fallon for making him basically as famous as Tupac in the rap and hip-hop communities, he asked if he could give some input on future raps, perhaps covering the likes of Foxy Brown and "Luda" because apparently Brizzle and Ludacris are on a first name basis. He continued to be a team player: "I'll do 'Roll Out.'" Williams did, however, protest that he has never once uttered the word "hippity," not even overseas in Baghdad when it was "me against Al-Qaeda." He continued to shower patriotism for his country down on 30 Rock by offering to bring Fallon a larger, appropriately-sized American flag lapel pin. Someone toss the man a medal. Special shoutout to John MacDonald for editing the Brian Williams raps and spreading joy and cheer throughout the nation.

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