This Boston Company Will Bring An Inflatable Irish Pub To Your Backyard

This Boston Company Will Bring An Inflatable Irish Pub To Your Backyard

When you’re an adult, there’s nothing worse than birthday parties. At least for me, they’re the bane of my existence; I just never show up to them. They’re no different than any normal night out to the bar, only you have to be fake nice to someone you probably can’t stand and have to chip in for their top-shelf liquor that ends up spewed all over the back alley behind the bar because Veronica can’t handle her alcohol.

It’s a complete heel turn from childhood, when the only things getting you out of bed in the morning were trying to score a Tootsie pop with the Native American on the wrapper and attending birthday parties. There was a peak age, maybe from ages 3 to 16, where if there wasn’t a bounce house at the party it was a complete disaster. Like, I didn’t whip on my freshest pair of Heelys and a Gap sweatshirt tied around my waist just to not bounce to the point of wanting to throw up my pizza and soda. Bottom line: a bounce house was the denominator for an electric birthday party.

A Boston-based company, The Paddy Wagon, knows that bounce houses trump all. That’s why they’ve invented the inflatable pub, which literally is a giant Irish pub style bounce house that goes in your backyard for parties.

The traditional Irish pub, whether in America or in the home country, is nothing without the local history in which it’s rooted. But sometimes a quaint alehouse with a rich backstory just isn’t within convenient stumbling distance from where you are. That’s where The Paddy Wagon Pub comes in. They’ll bring the bar to you. Taking a cue from those inflatable bounce houses at kids’ birthday parties, the Boston-based company rents out a blow-up version of an Irish pub, including the very real beverages for an authentic experience (okay, somewhat).
The inflata-bar looks like a real pub inside and out, complete with brickwork, chimneys, a fake fireplace and light fixtures printed right onto the vinyl. Ah, just like back in Killarney! The large version fits 80 people, while a smaller version can host a more intimate affair. In addition to whiskey and stout, the Paddy Wagon Pub offers a full range of drinks and Irish fare including Shepherds Pie, soda bread and curry fries. Of course if booze and the sound of an air pump outside doesn’t quite fit the mood you’re looking for, they’ll also provide live music or DJs, Irish step dancers, a “pour your own pint” demonstration, and even some friendly wolfhounds you can pet and cuddle and—who are we kidding we’re going to rent one of these things just for the dogs!

In theory this is a brilliant idea. Instead of a boring ass tent to just drink light beers and crush apps under, The Paddy Wagon’s turning the whole experience into an Irish-themed hootenanny, potato famine notwithstanding. But as a guy whose got Boston seeping through his veins enough to piss out 12 ounces of Harpoon IPA on command, I cannot support The Paddy Wagon as a solid business venture.

Would you bring an inflatable pizza shop to NYC? How about inflatable barbecue to Memphis? Bounce house sushi to Tokyo? Inflatable sex doll to Vegas? For sure not. Boston’s got an Irish pub on every fucking street (flanked by a Dunkin Donuts on each corner). The market for Irish pubs in this city is absolutely tapped. If I’m the Paddy Wagon CEO, I’m taking my talents someplace that’s got a dearth of Irish pubs.

I mean, if I got invited to a birthday party where there’d be an inflatable Irish pub, I guess I couldn’t not go. But I’m going based on the pure nostalgic factor of packing myself to the gills with bangers, mash, Guinness, and Baileys and then trying to see how long it takes before I accidentally open one of the birthday girl’s gifts.

[via Food And Wine]

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