“Blue Latte” Is Latest Hipster Trend To Make You Consider Walking Into Oncoming Traffic

"Blue Latte" Is Latest Hipster Trend To Make You Consider Walking Into Oncoming Traffic

The fuck, man? Why?

According to Evening Standard, Matcha Mylkbar, a vegan café in Australia, has developed quite possibly the most hipster product to date with their “Blue smurf latte”.

Made of lemon, ginger agave, coconut milk, and E3 live blue algae, this vegan coffee drink has been a hot seller ever since the café released an Instagram photo of the drink a few days ago.

The unusual drink is already proving to be a hit down under, and Matcha Mylkbar co-owner Mark Filippelli said the vegan cafe had sold at least 100 of them in four days.

“We even have people who don’t speak English ordering by just pointing to the photo on Instagram,” he said.

You don’t much more trendy than that: ordering your vegan, caffeine-free, sugar-free coffee drink by showing the barista the Instagram photo of the drink that you’d seen.

“People think it’s going to be a bubble gummy sweet taste,” the café’s co-owner Nic Davidson told Mashable Australia. “You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It’s a quite sweet and ‘soury’ kind of taste … but it’s a difficult to explain taste — everyone thinks it’s different.”

Nic, guy, when you name the drink a “smurf” latte, people are going to assume it is sweet. We will automatically associate it with the far superior-tasting (I am assuming) “smurf” ice cream, or cotton candy for the laymen. You can’t be serving up sour coffee drinks that contradict their appearance and not get some questions about it.

Saying “Difficult to explain the taste” and “everyone thinks it is different” in the same breath makes me cringe. If this doesn’t immediately attract every bearded, non-prescription glasses wearing, man-bun styled asshole within a 25-mile radius (that is 40km, for you Aussies) then I don’t know what will. Good on you, Matcha Mylkbar, for pushing the envelope with this concoction. But please, keep it to yourselves. We like our coffee black with caffeine over here.

[via Evening Standard]

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