Blood Marys Taste Even More Awesome On Planes, Science Says

Blood Marys Taste Even More Awesome On Planes, Science Says

All this time I thought I just wanted a mid-flight Bloody Mary to tune out the fact that there’s a crying baby six rows back and that I’m pinned between two heifers because I forgot to check in online the night prior. As it turns out, there’s actually a scientific reasoning behind getting the craving to get your swerve on after take-off.

Per LA Times:

‘Our study confirmed that in an environment of loud noise, our sense of taste is compromised,’ said Robin Dando, assistant professor of food science at Cornell in a release. ‘Interestingly, this was specific to sweet and umami tastes, with sweet taste inhibited and umami taste significantly enhanced.’

Umami is a Japanese term for the savory taste created by a type of amino acid called glutamate, and ribonucleotides called inosinate and guanylate.

Or in simpler terms, foods like vegetables, meat, and soy sauce fall into the umami-rich food categorization. Now I’m no scientist but come to think of it, those are all phenomenal ingredients for a grade-A Bloody Mary at 30,000 feet so this is all starting to make sense.

These days, your in-flight choices are pretty limited so Blood Marys are one of the more advanced cocktails you can order on a plane. We’re no longer flying in the lap of luxury like your Don Drapers and Roger Sterlings. My last flight had a cocktail menu that consisted of little more than Bacardi Rum, Dewars, Jack Daniels, and Miller Lite (none of which are that socially acceptable at 9 in the morning). But if science is giving my brain a free pass to crave a Bloody, who am I to dispute the research?

Maybe now they’ll do a study as to why Bloody Marys taste so good on golf courses and at brunch, sporting events, and pretty much anywhere else where Bloody Marys are served. Hey, I’m grasping at straws here.

[via LA Times]

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