Bill Murray Is A Great Actor But Let’s Cool It With The Internet Worship

Bill Murray Is A Great Actor But Let’s Cool It With The Internet Worship

Bill Murray has made a ton of great movies. From Caddyshack to Lost In Translation and appearances in just about every Wes Anderson movie ever made, he’s proven that he is a wonderfully talented actor.

I could list a ton of other movies that he’s been fantastic in but that’s not why I’m here. We all know that Bill Murray is a great actor and a very funny man. Bill Murray is a God on the Internet and on every street corner he steps on. He is a cultural icon and I just cannot understand why. He’s a great actor, but Jesus H. Christ. He’s not that great, you guys.

He’s a terrible golfer and has worse etiquette, yet every time he gets invited to play in Pro-Am tournaments the spectators fawn over his every move and laugh at even the most subtle, off-the-cuff remarks that any human being could be found saying on a golf course. Tossing a 7-iron after a bad approach shot from the rough will get you in trouble with a ranger, but if you’re Bill Murray it’s met with applause and deep, sincere-in-a-way-that-seems-fake belly laughter.

He can be found at Chicago Cubs games singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” as Daffy the Duck and bartending in New York serving people whiskey when they ask for a gin and tonic (HILARIOUS). He crashes parties (which is just about the only thing I can admit would be awesome) and he takes pictures with crying babies where he also acts like he’s sobbing. So outside of Bill Murray showing up to your house party, what can you tell me about him that makes him so goddamn popular?

He’s on bumper stickers and the sides of buildings, yet I cannot for the life of me figure out why. He’s an actor with some really good movies to his name. His deadpan, ironic mannerisms and remarks resonate with hipsters, but if you asked any of them why they love him so much they’d just go “Eh. You just don’t get it. It’s okay.”

Bill Murray is the only A-list actor in Hollywood who doesn’t have an agent or publicist. He has an 800 number that you have to use to reach him because, of course, he does. If that was any other actor in the world and you found out that this is how you get in touch with them for a movie role you’d be fuming. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine if someone whom large swaths of the country really dislike.

Tom Cruise because of the Scientology thing or Gwyneth Paltrow. If either of those people made directors use an 800 number to get ahold of them for work you’d be seething with anger, muttering under your breath “Fuck him/her and fuck Hollywood in general.” But because it’s Bill Murray you just go, “Absolutely hysterical. What a genius!”

He’s not Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, or Daniel Day-Lewis and I know that’s not the type of actor he is. But he has that level of internet stardom that those actors do for some inexplicable reason. He certainly isn’t worthy of being depicted on the sides of buildings like Shepard Fairey painting fucking Barack Obama.

I don’t hate Bill Murray by any means. Just like I don’t hate bacon or macaroni and cheese. But I do hate what he has become to people like Bacon and mac and cheese has. Bacon is good. So is macaroni and cheese. But I just can’t understand why those foods, or Bill Murray for that matter, deserve the heaping amounts of praise and obsessive attention that people give them. He’s an actor, he’s not the second coming.

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