Are We Sure That Will Ferrell Playing Ronald Reagan In A New Movie Is The Best Idea?

Are We Sure That Will Ferrell Playing Ronald Reagan In A New Movie Is The Best Idea?

Variety reported that Will Ferrell is set to play Ronald “The Gipper” Reagan in a new movie simply titled “Reagan”. Ferrell will reprise his portrayal of a President after successfully turning his impression of Bush II into a Broadway show called “You’re Welcome America”. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on HBO. It’s solid, and I think even the staunchest GW supporter will appreciate the humor in it.

Look, Will Ferrell as President George W. Bush is arguably the funniest SNL impersonation of all time. I’d put it right up there Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton and Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds. I used to be a huge SNL guy, and I’ve tried plenty of times to get back into it, but it just isn’t what it used to be. I mean, putting a show on at 11 on a Saturday night isn’t the greatest way to target the twenty-something demographic, but I’m sure Lorne Michaels has his reasons.

I’m just not sure Will Ferrell playing Ronny is going to work. The movie begins in Reagan’s second term as President when he was rumored to be in the beginning stages of dementia. The movie is running on the premise than an intern convinced POTUS that he was an actor playing the President.

Meh. I don’t know if my boy Ferrell is the correct choice. Sounds pretty dark, and I was never huge on Ferrell’s movies where he delves into dramatic subject matter. I guess Stranger Than Fiction was pretty good and so was the one where he lives on his front lawn for a week, but I feel like Robert Redford would have been better as Reagan. Was DiCaprio unavailable? He put on old people makeup for J. Edgar, although that movie did suck. Hollywood must know something I don’t. Not like I’m going to go a theater to see this anyways. Speaking of, how are movie theaters not extinct? Let’s just release everything on iTunes (maybe check out Temps if you’ve got nothing else going on tonight) and I’ll gladly pony up ten bucks to watch. I haven’t been to a movie theater since 2012. I’ll wait for it to get bootlegged onto the internet like everything else.

[via Business Insider / Variety]

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