An Evaluation Of The Professor Who Hit On You In College


What are your professor’s greatest strengths?
By “strengths,” do you mean that time he came up to me in the gym, held a 10 minute conversation with me, and then asked me if I would spot him as he benched 100 pounds? If so, then that’s definitely it.

What could your professor improve upon?
I would definitely say the attention he gives to others, as well as the curriculum. He always called on me to answer questions, even if I didn’t raise my hand. One time, he completely ignored Adam, who did have his hand raised, and asked me to answer instead. I didn’t have the correct answer, but he smiled and told me I was right, anyway. He even gave me the participation grade to boot.

Does your professor show genuine interest in his/her students?
Absolutely. I mean, I guess he could pay more attention to some of the other students, like Kelly and Michael. Oh, and James. And Adam. Claire. Amy. Taylor and Caleb. Jessica…

How often did you take advantage of office hours?
Never. I’m way too busy with my sorority, intramurals, and planning a blood drive on top of my 18-hour semester to meet for office hours. However, I’ve been invited numerous times and he’s made offers to even come in on the weekends if I could make the time for it. He seems really devoted to making sure his students get all the help they deserve.

Does your professor ask thought-provoking questions?
Always. He’s constantly asking about my five- and 10-year plans and where I see myself living when I get out of college. He’s asked me what my top three cities look like right now. That’s a hard question to answer, you know? It really just depends on where I find a job, but he’s offered to help me with that, too. He’s incredibly helpful.

Does your professor explain everything clearly?
Sometimes. Other times he can be really vague, though. Once, he asked if I could help him with a study he was conducting. He gave me a specific time, place, and directions to meet him, but would never tell me what the experiment was. He was nice enough to pay for dinner at the cute little bistro downtown, though, to thank me for my time.

Does your professor direct stimulating discussion?
He does. He walks around and gives neck massages during class discussion. It’s the most stimulating class discussion out of all of my classes this semester. A six-class semester on top of all of my extracurriculars is super stressful, so I’m really thankful that lately he’s focused a lot on my shoulders. Everyone knows that’s where my tension goes.

Does your professor provide helpful comments on your work?
Yes, always. I have a lot of anxiety about some of the projects and papers I’ve been working on lately, but he always gives me positive feedback on all my work. Even with work from my other classes. He gave me his phone number just in case I ever needed help. It’s a huge relief knowing he’ll always be there for me.

Does your professor make him/herself available outside of class?
Always. He texts me all the time asking if I need him to come over to read my thesis or bounce ideas off of him. He’s even offered to meet me at the gym on a regular basis–he tries to read to me as I do squats and lunges, although he always gets distracted because I have terrible form. He even stands behind me to help correct it. He’s such an awesome professor and person in general.

Does your professor seem well-prepared?
I would definitely say yes. One time, he accidentally dropped his briefcase, spilling all of its contents onto the floor, and I helped him pick up everything. He had plenty of No. 2 pencils, blue books, and even had my class schedule with notes on the best times to reach me scribbled in the margins in case I need help with anything. He even had condoms, which I thought was pretty weird at first–but he told me they were just for the study he’s working on, so that set my mind at ease.

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