A White Dad From The Burbs Explains The Drake/Meek Mill Twitter Beef

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The Twitter beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill may be a little confusing if you’re not plugged into the right social media circles. Let this pretty cool white dad from the burbs explain and get you caught up.

Aubrey Graham, better known by stage name “Drake,” which is his actual middle name, is a successful rap artist and Toronto native. Graham had a stint as an actor in his younger years, playing a loveable, wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks in the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation. He’s now best known for his musical accomplishments, though, selling over an astonishing five million albums and recording numerous number one hit songs. My fave would have to be “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” That song just goes so hard in the paint, in my opinion.

Meek Mill, born Robert Williams, is a rap artist from Philadelphia. Mill, while a successful rapper in his own right, is widely regarded as the inferior artist among the two. Nothing to be too ashamed of if you’re Meek, because Drake is one of the best rappers in the rap game! You have to recognize!

These two young men are currently beefing relatively hard.

The two rappers used to be on good terms, though. In fact, Drake was even a featured guest artist on a recent Mill joint, titled “R.I.C.O.” A pretty good song! This song was a centric part of the recent dissension between the two, however. Things turned sour when Meek Mill hopped on and accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, including the lyrics in the Drake verse of his very own song. Ouch! He even goes as far to say that, had he known Drake’s verse didn’t come from his own writing, he wouldn’t have included it on his track. Quite rude. The tweets are below.

Look at all those re-tweets! This thing went crazy!

Those, as the kids say, are fighting words.

From what I’m told, accusations such as this are quite inflammatory in the rap game. In one fell swoop, Meek targets one of hip hop’s most accomplished artists with claims of unoriginality, effectively naming himself the superior rapper of the two. Whoa.

How would Drake respond to such public disrespect? As one would expect from an acclaimed rapper with little to prove, he sat idly by, not acknowledging Mills’ outlandish Twitter jabs. Six days later, however, Drake indirectly responded to Meek by releasing what’s referred to in the game as a “diss track” called “Charged Up” (you can listen to “Charged Up” HERE).

Contrary to what you’d expect from that song title, the track is relatively calm in nature. Drake seems rather even-keeled, actually. The consensus among the hip hop community was that Drake’s retaliation was a bit underwhelming. Most expected him to reaffirm his status as Mill’s daddy, but he didn’t. Was he taking the high road? Does Drake even care about Mr. Mill’s comments? Was it the calm before the storm? People wanted answers.

Drake did, however, get Meek Mill’s attention.

Drake wasn’t done with Meek. Two days after releasing “Charged Up,” he tweeted a link to a SECOND diss track (TWO DISS TRACKS!!!). This one would prove to be much more aggressive than the first, giving the people what they wanted. Many in the rap community affirm that this second track, “Back to Back Freestyle,” would be the death of Meek Mill. Not his actual death lol, but like his death in the rap game. They just mean that Meek won’t recover from this. That is yet to be seen, because as I previously said, Meek Mill is a talented young rapper.

Give it a listen below. It’s a killer track. Goes HARD.

This is the moment where the rap community exploded. This Drake joint is a monster hit. It’s not only a perfectly-executed takedown of Meek, but it’s also fire!!!

There’s more to this intense beefing saga, too. You may or may not be aware that Meek Mill is currently dating hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj. This is where it gets kind of interesting. By all accounts, Drake and Nicki are pretty good friends. She even has a line in one of her songs — a song that Drake is featured in — about Drake eating her butthole like a cupcake. Haha YUCK!

Well, Meek and Nicki are currently touring together. Meek Mill is the opening act for his girlfriend. I wonder who wears the pants there lol! Anyway, Drake references the Nicki Minaj tour in his diss track.

Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?
I know that you got to be a thug for her.
This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.
Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.
Yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ n*gga.
I’m not the type of n*gga that’ll type to n*ggas.
And shout-out to all my boss bitches wife-in n*ggas.
Make sure you hit him with the prenup.
Then tell that man to ease up.

My translation:

“It seems more like the tour is your girlfriend’s, not really yours. You’re just the opening act.
I know you see it fit to be strong for your girl.
However, I don’t believe she wanted you to publicly call me out with false claims like you did.
You act tough, but to call me out on a social media platform indicates maybe you’re not all that tough.
You’re getting worked by a dude who occasionally sings in his rap songs. Something to think about.
It’s atypical of me to write inflammatory comments to other guys.
Much love to the strong women out there entering holy matrimony.
Just make sure you have him sign a prenuptial agreement first.
And tell your boy to stop acting so messed up towards me.”

An underrated part of this beef is Drake’s image choice of Joe Carter’s walk-off homerun to win the 1993 World Series. The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in dramatic fashion. This, of course, is a poignant representation of Toronto-born Drake taking down Philadelphia’s Meek Mill.

Joe Carter out here shouting out to Drake for recognizing real game when he sees it. That’s big.

What will happen next? Is Meek currently writing a retaliatory track? Is the beef squashed? Let’s stay tuned and find out. It’s getting real as fuck out here, so you never know what could happen. Oh, and you know your boy is #TeamDrake.

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