A Guy’s Guide To Wedding Planning: The Venue

A Guy's Guide To Wedding Planning: The Venue

While getting engaged to the love of your life can be a very exciting time, planning the ensuing wedding can be the exact opposite. Your arguments as a couple transform from arguing over where you are eating dinner that night to arguing over colors, centerpieces, and who knows what else. I’m not too big on conflict, so I made a decision to take a couple steps back and let the Bride do her thing. If she needs a second opinion, I am available, but beyond that, she’s got this whole wedding planning thing on lock.

Obviously there are certain steps that I am going to be heavily involved in, the first of those being picking a venue. I was pulled into this process for two reasons: my checkbook, and then the fact that the venue is where this whole shindig goes down. At first, I was letting the Bride sort through venues all on her own. Once she started to get frustrated, I figured it was time to be a hero. A quick trip to Google and fifteen seconds later, and I had found the perfect place. $1,500 for an entire weekend, mountain views, river access, and a large cabin that could sleep the entire bridal party, plus a hot tub. Perfect right? This was so much cheaper than everything else she had seen. I had saved the whole wedding! I sent it over to her for review and awaited her response.

The views are really pretty! Can you email them about it? The only thing that sucks is we will need to do all of the setup and takedown because it’s not really a wedding venue. Plus we would have to rent tables and chairs, probably need tents too. Just seems like a whole lot of work, so is it even worth the lower price?

Damn, girl. I get that I’m way underqualified for this. But I am a man, and men always find a solution to make things work exactly how they want to work. My roommate works for an event company, so surely they could bring a crew down to setup a wedding and take it down for us right? I bet he could get me a heavy discount too.

Dude, travel and delivery costs alone for us to get down to that place would be over a thousand bucks, you don’t want to do that.

Okay, maybe he’s right, but I’m a man and I need to be the one making the decision. So I’ll tell the Bride that I have decided on my own that maybe it’s not in our best interests. The hunt continued. There was one venue that she was pretty fond of, and that I actually knew existed. Being the man that I am, I looked at the venue’s website, thought it looked pretty cool, and sent the owner an email:

We would love to have our wedding here! Can you send me info regarding a deposit? Thanks.

Who needs to go look at a venue when it’s got its own website? I can see all the pictures and the one couple’s video and I’m sold. For some strange reason the owner insisted that we schedule a time to go view the venue together, so we invited a couple family members and headed on over. What I thought would take twenty minutes turned into two hours. I stood in the back with the owner’s husband talking about dairy farming while the owner showed the Bride, both mothers, my sister, and the Bride’s aunt and cousin around. They asked the right questions, looked at photo albums, got more ideas, and pictured our big day. I uttered the phrase “oh, okay, nice!” about eighty-seven times and eventually signed a contract, rental agreement, and a check. Bride’s happy, I’m happy, and we got a hella dope spot to get married in September. It’s lit. But we’re just getting started.

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