A Breakdown Of The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Cast’s Instagram Reunion

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a tale as old as time. You know, the one about how money can indeed buy happiness.

Viewers fell in love with the idea of one day having a rich uncle of their own take them out of poverty. Also, they genuinely loved the show’s cast.

Alfonso Ribeiro, better known as Carlton, shared on Instagram a little reunion with some of the beloved Fresh Price characters:

Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.

A post shared by Alfonso Ribeiro (@therealalfonsoribeiro) on

The most obvious omission from this photo is Uncle Phil. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel place and America’s uncle was taken from us a few years back.

For those of you that were living under Fraggle Rock in the late 90s, two different actresses portrayed Aunt Vivian. The first (and my personal favorite) was sassy and had a take no bullshit from anyone type of attitude. I like that Vivian, that was my Vivian. Behind a powerful man in Phillip Banks, there was Vivian to scare the shit out of all that crossed the Banks’ family’s path.

The second Vivian, who is the only Vivian featured in this photo (wearing a hat), took a much more kind, easy-going approach to motherhood. That’s all well and fine, but you can’t let the convicts run the asylum, if you will. This is when Uncle Phil became the focal disciplinarian that put Will in his place from time-to-time. It always felt like I was watching a step mother with Vivian No. 2. Yeah, the Banks’ children were hers, I guess, but not by birth. You just can’t duplicate that. And yes, I’m well aware this is a fictional family.

Will and Carlton has one of the strongest bromances of the 90s. This was a prime example of opposites attracting. Will was the tall, dark and handsome type that was smooth on the basketball court and with the ladies. Carlton had Ivy League brains and needed to stand on his tippy toes to ride the roller coaster well into his teenage years. The love-hate relationship these two experienced over the years is what family is all about. If you weren’t on the cusp of killing those closest to you several times growing up then you don’t know the meaning of family.

I would’ve been good if this photo only included the two of them. Will is in the midst of a rough patch in Hollywood these days. It’s been a while since he starred in a hit. Maybe Tom Jones and Carlton could help cheer him up…

Ashley looks like she’s still got it. Things were a little creepy during the early years of the show when she wasn’t legal.  She was the eye candy of Fresh Prince that you wished would get out of high school as quickly as possible in the story line so you could openly admit your crush. After seeing her today, still would.

I don’t really have much to say about Hilary. The only thing scarier than that afro she is currently rocking was an episode focused around her. Whether she was playing a character or not, I’m still convinced she’s a gold digger that would clean out your life savings.

It’s nice to see Geoffrey out of the monkey suit. After years of serving at the command of the Banks family, I’m sure no one enjoys hospitality service in real life more than Geoffrey. I bet he isn’t a strong tipper, though. He always had a bit of a cynical side and I can see him being a real dick to servers. I’m kind of surprised we have gone this long without a viral photo of a shitty tip out of him.

In my opinion, the most disappointing part of this “reunion” is the absence of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I have a hard time even considering this a French Prince reunion without Bel-Air’s finest spinner of the ones and twos. My dream is to one day walk into a boozy brunch and spot DJ Jazzy Jeff in the DJ booth. Is that so much to ask?

Rest easy, Uncle Phil. I like to think you’re up there serving as the judge at the pearly white gates, throwing all those you deem unworthy out the door down to hell.

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