4 Great Internet Memes That Were Ruined

1.  SomeEcards

This trend started way back late last decade, gaining popularity on Facebook, primarily with girls. I thought they were pretty funny. They depicted early 20th century folk doing different things that 20th century folk might do. Dry, sarcastic and self-loathing, these things went viral and everyone got in on the craze.

Then they started letting people create their own SomeEcards, and idiots got their hands on them. I’m sure you’ve gotten these in your inbox from co-workers, parents and friends. The genesis of the ruined meme usually stems from someone trying to showcase their political or religious beliefs and recklessly using these memes and ruining them for good, fun-loving folks on the internet.

2.  Condescending Wonka

Some memes are so great that they flame out quicker than they went viral. Condescending Wonka is a prime example. This meme of a screen cap of Gene Wilder from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory quickly went viral and the snark-fest was on from the moment it hit the net.

Like any fallen meme, these soon turned political and thus, jumped the shark with the greatest of ease. But it wasn’t so much ruined by politics as it was from becoming way too repetitive and predictable.

3.  What People Think I Do/What I Really Do

Again, another meme that was great early on before rapidly transforming into another irritating internet nuisance that flooded your Facebook timeline every day for weeks. Like all burnt out memes, this one was pretty damn funny and well executed in the beginning…

And then, it just got repetitive and unfunny.

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

4.  Gangnam Style

File this one away with the Macarena, YMCA and other once awesome stuff that old white people have run into the ground. The most popular video in YouTube history took the world by storm last summer, and I’ll admit it, I liked it. I thought it was a cool video of a funny, chubby Korean dude doing goofy dances to a catchy tune. Next thing I knew, people were treating it like a masterpiece, blasting the song everywhere from sporting events to Saturday Night Live.


The song by Korean (and noted hater of America, the country that made him famous and gave him his MBA artist Psy…what am I talking about? You guys know all about it. The song was gumball 3000’d into a ditch weeks after it went viral and was ruined yet again by people who just don’t understand how quickly comedy can become old and stale. To date, the video has 1.5 billion YouTube views. I don’t even know how to begin explaining that.

Now every time I hear this song, instead of remembering how goofy that Korean guy was when he was dancing in the video, I will only think of old white people trying to do the Gangnam Style dance at weddings and it ruins my afternoon.

One more note, next time you see someone trying to do the Gangnam Style dance at a wedding, punch them in the face.

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TheChampionsTour (@ChampsTourTFM) is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems, Rowdy Gentleman, and Total Frat Move .

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