4 Extreme Ways To Deal With Student Loan Debt


Student loans are a black hole of despair, leaving college graduates in crippling debt and a constant state of fear and panic with each monthly bill. A 2012 study by Project Student Debt found that the average graduate leaves college with more than $25,000 in student loan debt. And since student loans can’t be included in bankruptcy, there’s nowhere to run and hide when the debt collectors come knocking.

Students have come up with some pretty creative ways to pay for tuition and loans. A 21-year-old girl sold her virginity to the highest bidder to pay for her pursuit of a career in marriage and family counseling.

Other methods are less extreme (and less ironic), but these videos from show all sorts of hilarious ways students come up with extra change to pay off their banking overlords. You might not be willing or able to sell sex for education, but maybe there is some light at the end of the debt tunnel.

Leave the Country


What’s so great about this place anyway? Fives years after the beginning of the recession, we’re only marginally better since the housing industry went belly-up and unemployment skyrocketed. So, if there’s nothing for us here in the United States, why stay?

Despite holding a Masters degree in library science, Holly Morganelli couldn’t find work in the U.S. So instead of downgrading her skills to a career at Starbucks, she left the country to teach English in Argentina. A few years later, she put that library science degree to work in Qatar where she earns a tax-free salary and was able to pay down her $60,000 in student loan payments.

Become a Professional Bum


I’m not talking about panhandling in the streets or gathering sympathy change by sitting around on a sidewalk with your dog. “Couch surfing” is a recent trend where travelers sleep on random couches in exchange for handy services like cleaning the owners apartment or some other favor (but not that kind of favor; that’s Craigslist).

Sites like network house and apartment owners with people looking for a place to crash. If you have a job that either allows you to work from home or is flexible with location and scheduling, this is a huge change to reduce living expenses while paying off student loans.

Wait It Out


I’d never advise someone to blow off paying back debt. It’s called the “iron bubble” for a reason – student loans are non-bankruptable and must be repaid. But a recent court ruling is looking to turn all that completely upside down.

A law student won a 10-year court battle to dismiss his student loan debt, citing health and financial issues. The case went through tons of legal procedures, but overall the fact that his law degree was simply collecting dust convinced a judge to let the old debt go. This could possibly open the floodgates for students to get their debt forgiven in the future.

Become A Prostitute


If all else fails. Sorry fellas, this one isn’t going to work as well for you.

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