32 Euphemisms For Butt Stuff

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It’s been a long weekend of welcoming back the NFL, binge drinking until you were almost blind, and ignoring the fact that you had to walk back out into the real world today and pretend you weren’t a complete degenerate this weekend. Time to start your week off on the right foot with lots and lots of questionable innuendos for butt stuff.

  1. Taking the number two train to Brown Town.
  2. Traveling down the rabbit hole.
  3. Slaying the brown bear.
  4. Hanging out backstage.
  5. Investigating the black hole.
  6. Entering the no-baby zone.
  7. Using your 2-wood.
  8. Chocolate coitus.
  9. Turning up a one-way street.
  10. Butterflying the rump roast.
  11. Mowing the backyard.
  12. Chipping out of the rough.
  13. Trudging up the mud river.
  14. The more enjoyable counterpart of Elle Wood’s “bend and snap.”
  15. Swabbing the poop deck.
  16. Inspecting the back hedges.
  17. Taking the dirt trail.
  18. Hitch hiking on the Hershey Highway.
  19. Floating down the poop chute.
  20. Hanging out with the better looking twin.
  21. The surprise canal.
  22. Digging between the couch cushions.
  23. Spelunking her back caverns.
  24. Shooting par on the back nine.
  25. J-Lo’s fanny pack.
  26. Using the diamond compressor.
  27. Hunting for the endangered colon.
  28. Ignoring the ‘Exit Only’ signage.
  29. Mining for brown gold.
  30. Sneaking in the backdoor.
  31. Shucking the starfish.
  32. Toot looting.

Now, go wash your eyes and call your mothers you heathens.

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Babe Lincoln

Babe Lincoln is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems and spends the majority of her time knocking back Franzia and introducing herself as "the female Johnny Manziel."

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