25 Signs You’re Not Ready To Settle Down

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As you grow older, settling down is beginning to look more and more appealing. You’re finally starting to grasp why so many people succumb. However, even though you’re maturing in some ways, there are a few signs you’re not ready to settle quite yet.

  1. When your friends are ready to go home you’re just getting started.
  2. You’re drunk more often than you’re sober.
  3. You’re tagged in pictures you don’t remember taking.
  4. You day drink…during work.
  5. You’re terrified of owning a credit card because you don’t trust yourself with any kind of responsibility.
  6. Even though you recently started to become emotional at the sight of babies, the word “pregnant” stresses you out.
  7. The idea of not drinking for nine months is inconceivable.
  8. You’re still trying to figure out what it is you want to do with your life.
  9. You get involved with people who are literally the exact opposite of everything you want in a potential mate.
  10. You still do shots with names like “Vegas Bomb” and “Rumple Minze.”
  11. You recently realized that a walk of shame is way more shameful in front of your neighbors and their kids.
  12. Watering a plant seems like a serious responsibility, and you’re not sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment.
  13. Whether it’s cooking or hammering, you’ve learned to do things a significant other should would be doing, and you’re good at them.
  14. You can’t manage to keep your apartment clean for longer than a day, and you’re only one person.
  15. You’re not exactly entirely financially independent, so you’re unsure of how you’d support other humans.
  16. One of your biggest fears is becoming boring.
  17. You still get carded regularly, which you dislike, but dread the end of.
  18. You think a Sunday Funday involves blacking out before breakfast, while others believe it’s about egg whites.
  19. When someone tells you that when they were your age they already had a kid you feel a little bit sick.
  20. You’ve lost your phone drunkenly at some point, making it impossible for your boss to contact you.
  21. You recently went to a bar that could possibly be called a nightclub.
  22. You still dance on raised surfaces.
  23. You aren’t quite sure how to take care of yourself, or take it easy, which has resulted in daytime blackouts.
  24. You never have wine to bring to a dinner party, because you drank it.
  25. You love your life far too much to imagine settling for anything less.

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