25 Signs You’re Having A Quarter-Life Crisis


  1. You play James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” while looking at old pictures on Facebook.
  2. You’ve changed jobs at least three times since graduating.
  3. You’ve changed cities at least three times since graduating.
  4. You’ve done serious research into whether a buying a house or a getting a graduate degree would be a better investment.
  5. You keep talking about getting a dog, but refuse to commit.
  6. You attempt to be productive while hungover, but end up just trying to look productive and then falling asleep underneath that bookshelf you were trying to clean.
  7. You won’t drink for weeks on end and then will randomly black out at happy hour.
  8. You bought a mini Bose stereo for your bedroom instead of a sound bar for your TV.
  9. You’d spend time at weddings networking, but you get too drunk.
  10. You don’t hide your dependency on alcohol as well as you used to.
  11. You’re starting to enjoy your parents’ taste in music.
  12. You were supposed to get new tires on your car, but went to Vegas instead.
  13. You couldn’t bring yourself to break up with your girlfriend, so you just proposed instead.
  14. You couldn’t bring yourself to break up with your boyfriend, so you accepted his proposal instead.
  15. You’re Instagramming an average of 1.3 meals per day.
  16. You’re trying to convince others (and yourself) that you enjoy your job with several positive tweets about your job throughout the week.
  17. You’ve attempted to rekindle an old high school flame, but only gotten a pregnancy scare out of it.
  18. You broke down in tears after making chicken cacciatore for one, three nights in a row.
  19. You take a healthy swig from your drink whenever someone at the bar asks you how your job is going.
  20. You’ve covered the entire spectrum from baby envy to baby hate all in a 12-hour period.
  21. You’ve had panic attacks over whether or not you should call your parents asking for money.
  22. You’ve refused an invitation to go out drinking in fear of overdrafting your bank account on a payday.
  23. You were laughed at after suggesting you and some friends use your vacation days to go on spring break.
  24. You get anxiety over the cost of double-ply toilet paper.
  25. You tried going vegan.

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Brian McGannon

What do I love? I love happy hour, a good golf tan, and getting moderately drunk during dinner.

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