20 Strangers Give Each Other HJs

Earlier this week, a video exhibiting strangers mugging down for the first time made its rounds on the interwebs. I can appreciate open-mouth kissing a rando. We had an acronym for it in college: OMK. To this day, my phone still predictive texts it at times. I'd tell my phone to grow up, but considering my friends and I, at times, still haven't, OMKing at the bar shall remain a part of my after 5pm vocabulary. Plus, if these participants were intoxicated, it would have just been like any other night at the watering hole. I also appreciate a good parody, and this parody of the kissing strangers, my friends, is great. I mean, I'm not sure I'd participate if this were a real thing, but I'd gladly watch those willing. Warning, if you're at work, watch it on your non-company-issued cellular device just to be safe (you don't see actual private parts, but there's, you know, sounds and stuff).

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