17 Reasons Day Drinking Is The Greatest Activity Of All Time


While there are far better things in life than being hungover in your cubicle on a Monday, few things are more fantastic than Sunday Funday. Actually, any time day drinking makes its way onto your calendar, it’s awesome, but Sunday drinking just elongates the weekend and perfectly caps off the week. Of course going out at night is still great and post-work happy hour is a necessity, but day-drinking is on an entirely different level. These are the reasons why this activity will forever live in my heart as the greatest thing ever invented by mankind.

  1. If you’re still drunk from the night before, you can start day drinking and delay your hangover one more day.
  2. This also makes you feel productive because you’re actually doing something with your day instead of just sitting on your couch chugging Gatorade and eating pizza.
  3. It’s light out, so you can see the person you’re about to hook up with a little better and your beer goggles might not be as powerful/deceptive.
  4. There is a possibility you might go to sleep earlier, which might make you feel less shitty the next day.
  5. All of your meals for the day are drunk meals, so everything you eat is both amazing and terrible for your body at the same time. Good thing calories don’t count on the weekend.
  6. If the weather is good, you get twice as happy because you get to bask in the sun while you drink.
  7. If the weather sucks, it’s okay because you’re drunk.
  8. Day drinking holidays are just way more fun than normal holidays. St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving…what more could you want?
  9. Day rage music is on point. Reggae or Country (whichever one you prefer) with a little Phil Collins thrown in does the trick.
  10. Classic day drinks like mimosas, bloodys and beer can be a nice break from the hard stuff. Of course, you’ll probably switch to the hard stuff later, but it’s a nice break for a few hours at least.
  11. You have WAY more time to do things, so you can explore WAY more bars and have WAY more fun. So many activities!
  12. You can hit up multiple happy hours. Just stay at the same bar, take advantage of the morning and evening happy hours and bring flasks for in between! Or just keep on keepin’ on. Either way.
  13. Day drinking often leads to night drinking. This means things will probably get weird, but all that means well, ends well.
  14. You can go to that weird dive bar down the street at 6am and talk to the bartender about your problems. You probably have a ton of them if you’re drinking at 6am.
  15. You get to find out which of your friends are the most fun. You figure out that you should call Friend A instead of Friend B when you feel like waking up at 7am and shotgunning brews. You also realize that Friend A shares in your need to escape reality.
  16. You can play all the day drinking games you don’t normally have time for in just one night of drinking. Endless beer pong, card games, drinking games to movies…whatever you’re into, you have time for it all!
  17. Drunk naps during the day are the absolute best.

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A recent grad and contributing writer for PGP, Kelsey spends her days in an office cubicle, and her nights either snookin' for love at the local watering hole or watching TV with her cat in her downtown apartment. She still has no idea what she's doing with her life.

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