13 Reasons I Don’t Care If Netflix Is Raising Its Prices

13 Reasons I Don't Care Netflix Is Raising Its Prices

Netflix is raising its prices. By a dollar. A greenback. A single. A buck. An ace. A bone. This feels pretty negligible, but obviously people are freaking out over it.

Per Refinery 29:

Netflix said it would eventually increase its prices, and the first sign of that change arrived today: The site’s membership activation fee will now cost $1 — a full 100 pennies — more than before. This move has just about tipped the price of the subscription into the double digits, from $8.99 to $9.99.

This hike is intended to help fund the company’s efforts to expand its streaming options and original content. Netflix will reportedly put $5 billion toward this cause in 2016 alone.

Honestly, I don’t really give a fuck. Why? Here’s why.

Complaining about a $1 hike is like complaining about gas going up two cents. It’s negligible in the grand scheme.

Netflix is worse than HBO Go, so if they want to hike their prices, I’ll just peace out.

House of Cards isn’t good anymore so maybe they’ll use the money to invest in something else.

Maybe if they raise their prices even more, the phrase “Netflix & Chill” will finally die.

Money isn’t an option when I’m hungover, so a $1 hike means nothing next to a $40 brunch.

I’ll never leave Netflix for another streaming service because abandoning my perfectly crafted crew would be like killing a puppy.

I low key love Skins and a simple dollar won’t change that.

And Gossip Girl, too.

If I get rid of Netflix, what am I supposed to watch for the three minutes before I drunkenly pass out after I get home from the bar?

Price increases = #LuxuryVibes

They got rid of You’ve Got Mail, so I already know they’re ruthless bastards.

If I’m worried about losing $12 a year, I’ve got a lot bigger problems than Netflix.

I use my mom’s password, so like, Netflix is free to me anyway.

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[via Refinery 29]

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