You Can Now Inhale Caffeine If You Don’t Mind Looking Like A Total Clown

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You Can Now Inhale Caffeine If You Don't Mind Looking Like A Total Clown

If your morning coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore and you miss your college days when you knew you weren’t going to be drug-tested at your 8-hour-a-week job at GameStop, you’re in luck. No more do you have to drink coffee and wait, hope, and pray that you’ll be awake by 9:30 – you can now inhale your coffee and get that instant boost you need to at least pretend like you’re working hard.

The new product is called Eagle Energy Vapor, and luckily for you, it won’t leave your boss wondering what that white powdery stuff is on your nose. It comes in a form very similar to an e-cigarette, so you’re going to look like a complete douchebag while using it, but the energy kick may be very well worth it. One of its main ingredients is taurine, so you’re going to get an effect very similar to Red Bull when you use it, just (hopefully) without the horrible aftertaste.

Health experts remain “concerned” about this product, which to me means that it probably kicks all kinds of ass. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and as long as I actually don’t die from this product, I think the possible heart palpitations and medical complications are worth the risk.

[via Time]

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