Val Kilmer Confirms That He’s Totally In For “Top Gun 2”

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Val Kilmer Confirms That He's Totally In For "Top Gun 2"

Back in June, I could barely contain my excitement when I wrote that the sequel to my favorite movie ever, Top Gun was finally happening. While we know that Tom Cruise is set to reprise his role as Maverick, there’s been precious little news about the film as it is still in development. As such, I’ve pondered the possible options for the plot:

Goose returns from the dead, his death a big hoax while he infiltrated the Russian military.

We finally find out from Ghostrider that the pattern is not full…and what the hell that actually means. Also: why does Maverick always feel the need for speed? Is he actually ON speed?

Maverick, Iceman, Merlin, Jester, and Hollywood have formed a “Village People” type band where they travel the country singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to random chicks in bars. Then Viper shows up to tell them they need to come back to Top Gun because they are the only ones that can help Amazon figure out how to use drones to same-day deliver those Wonder Woman socks I ordered.

Whatever the plot, there is one question we no longer have to wait for the answer to: Val Kilmer will be back as Iceman.

I just got offered #topgun2 – not often you get to say "yes" without reading the script…"It's starring Gene…

Posted by Val Kilmer on Monday, November 16, 2015

Kilmer’s post had some thinking that Gene Hackman would be coming out of retirement or that Francis Ford Coppola would take over directing for the late Tony Scott. Both are false; Kilmer followed up with an additional post clarifying that that Hackman and Coppola are not involved in Top Gun 2.

Kilmer didn’t reveal any other plot details, but given that he hasn’t exactly aged gracefully, I’m going to take a hard pass on a remake of the shirtless volleyball scene.

[via Business Insider]

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