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  • Nived_Neirbo 23 hours ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 3/24

    Some ass clown tried to throw me under the bus for something I’m not even responsible for in front of the directors yesterday, little did he know that I’m wayyyy more intelligent than him and explained that the company would literally save over $150k by hiring a back end mobile code developer in house and not paying over a quarter million dollars to have a compartmentalized team of coders half a world away in India do it for us since they can’t string code together seamlessly but that’s none of my business lol. I told that guy to focus on his role or marketing sub par products via a dying platform in an industry that will be extinct in the next decade. It’s mother fucking Friday!!!!!

  • Nived_Neirbo 2 days ago on I’m Going To Lose This Weight: The Numbers Game

    Hell yeah, Sallie Mae! Can you forget about the huge amounts of money I owe you? We all know that most of the money is getting reallocated to defense contractors and military operations instead of education. If education was as good as they tell us it is, more people would know this shit, right? Lol oh god this place is fucked, good thing I like salad

  • Nived_Neirbo 2 days ago on I’m Going To Lose This Weight: The Numbers Game

    I’m just used to it now. I’ve been doing this for over a year now. You learn to cook really well and often plus a lot of places have these type of food options on their menu and if they don’t, I usually stick with the salad with meat. You feel like you’re on adderall all the time because your mind is clear/focused and not cloudy and you have tons of energy. I need like 5 hours of sleep a night and I’m good. It’s cleaned me out. Don’t get me wrong I still drink a good amount on weekend but it’s vodka now instead of beer and I haven’t had a hangover since doing this shit. Pepper in some few and far between acid trips and it’s a pretty cool ass life

  • Nived_Neirbo 2 days ago on I’m Going To Lose This Weight: The Numbers Game

    Here’s what you do: cut out all grains, sugars, most fruits high in sugar, legumes, dairy, and reduce alcohol choice to clear liquids and mix with soda water. Eat grilled chicken, eggs, fish, and lots of vegetables/avocado. Since you’re cutting out carbs, you’ll need to get your energy from healthy fats. Cook with coconut oil. Put coconut oil in black coffee each morning. Workout 5 days a week (light lifting/running ratio). All of this will work within 3 weeks if you believe in yourself and stuff. Most things in life are complete fabricated lies, this is not one of those things.

  • Nived_Neirbo 2 days ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 3/23

    Getting Sherpa’d to the office by the roommate. The leg is healing up nicely, I’ll be back to being able to walk but elect to lay on the couch and wonder how I’m going to do this shit for 37 more years in no time! Can’t wait to sip on some nitro brew and look at a blank excel sheet for the first 2 hours. The girl called me babe last night so I guess it’s set in stone, good thing I have multiple copies of a prenup ready in my bedside table. I feel a hearty poop coming, handicap bathroom here I come!!!!

  • Nived_Neirbo 3 days ago on Another Goddam Bachelor Party

    Went to your house this past Sunday for the first time in over a decade with the girl I’ve been seeing. I think she’s changing for the better. Saw you hanging up on the wall there, it looked painful as hell…no pun intended

  • Nived_Neirbo 3 days ago on Another Goddam Bachelor Party

    Last bachelor party I went to was out in San Diego. Went to a strip club before the bar crawl. I ended up getting pulled into the back room to watch over my friend who was getting married because his wife to be asked me to watch out for him. As I was making sure everything was cool, I got a lap dance from a beautiful girl who seemed wicked wholesome and I ended up trying to talk her out of being a stripper and going to Yosemite with me lol (I was sober) then the bar crawl happened and we took some powdered drug substance that we were told was Molly but it felt more like Meth because I was disbanded from the group and ended up sleeping on Pacific Beach a half hour away with someone’s sunglasses on my face. I failed my mission of watching my friend (the groom) because I couldn’t even watch myself. I showed up to the wedding the next day looking like a complete bag of dicks and got put on the spot by his fiancée’s grandmother. Cool story, Devin. Go fuck yourself.

  • Nived_Neirbo 3 days ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 3/22

    This comment section snafu is really fucking up my flow. Maybe the shadowy elite are doing this to me on purpose because they don’t want me to expose their secrets of alien contact and Reptilian bloodlines and how the next world war will lead to NATO invading the US to cull civilians. Brian! Brian! This would be a good topic for Conspiracy Thursday. In order to effectively communicate this, I will set up a dummy email account, give you the username and password and we both log in and write email drafts that save in the draft folder, we read each other’s draft but don’t actually send them, then we discard them. This prevents any communication from being sent over a network where it can be intercepted and decrypted by the NSA/CIA for them to use against us in unjust FISA courts where we are possibly sent to secret internment camps for “conditioning”. Grabbing coffee now! 🙂