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  • Nived_Neirbo 2 days ago on I Offended Someone With A Blog Post And I Need To Get A Few Things Off Of My Chest

    Duda, keep doing you. Who cares if people get offended. Life is fucking offensive. I’m surprised I haven’t been confronted for the shit I say but I also think it’s because deep down in their boring, fragile little souls, they know that what I’m saying shatters their protected little bubble of a world and exposes the harsh truth in the purest form masked by comedy and sarcasm and they don’t have the knowledge arsenal to combat it. If you want to get offended and then express it, go check out Syria or Yemen for 2 minutes and then let’s see how offended you you really get.

  • Nived_Neirbo 3 days ago on People In Relationships Think They're Better Than Those Who Are Still Single

    Guys, we all know that a relationship is the flagship advertisement to the world that you have given up on life. It’s easier to let yourself go and come home and IG your sausage into the same socket than it is to be on point all the time. The most innovative people never had relationships, yeah they were crazy but still. Ex. Nicola Tesla. When you procreate with your SO, you can’t go do all the cool shit you wanted to do when you were single like go to Australia or some shit but if you get herpes from sleeping around, you can still go to Australia hahahahahaha

  • Nived_Neirbo 4 days ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 5/25

    Currently sipping on that nitro nectar as I sit alone at a table of 4 seats in a swanky hotel bar, waiting for my breakfast. No one around me is speaking English and it’s soothing or it could be the obscure atmospheric music softly being played from the ceiling. Idk where this is going but basically coffee tastes good black. Oh, and it’s raining outside with a light breeze coming from the southeast. Okay, I think I just covered all office talking points for a given day lol

  • Nived_Neirbo 4 days ago on Stop Deleting Your Text Messages

    That ex is fucking everywhere man. We as dudes need to stop dating that girl. She’s a soul ruiner and you and I know those positivity and happiness posts on her social media are a veneer for a deeper void of attention, daddy issues, and collecting “likes” like the hearts she ate. We need to band together as dudes and point and laugh at her so she understands real life lol

  • Nived_Neirbo 4 days ago on Stop Deleting Your Text Messages

    I too keep everything because as I said yesterday, people and events circle back around during your life. For example, if and when I see my ex again and we end up taking, open wounds will probably be discussed and since most people have a selective memory it’s always nice to have evidence in writing so when she tries to pin something on me I can be like “hold on, let me just reference my fucking Rolodex Index of delusional lies…oh look, see right here, you said this and look there’s even a time stamp lol” it’s evil but if you spell it backwards you begin to understand the inner working of most people and society

  • Nived_Neirbo 5 days ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 5/24

    Just had some cold brew from some brand I won’t say because I’m not a corporate brand ambassador stooge but OMG, take my fucking money! Take it all, it’s so god damn good! I’m thinking about investing heavily into this company instead of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the ilk because this coffee stuff is what peps up those workers to make more death firework machines. Basically kids, what I’m saying is you should put your money at the source of things since we’re entering a Dark Age of war soon and also invest in heroin. Definitely invest in heroin since that’s also another revenue bi-product source of these blockbuster get films, I mean wars lol

  • Nived_Neirbo 5 days ago on The Problem With Fate & Relationships

    Guys, leave it to me to explain superstitious horseshit, okay. Nothing happens for a reason because reasoning is subjective. Also, nothing actually happens because we are placed in a simulation of consciousness and code that simulates a physical reality. Everything occurs in a spiral effect that ends up spinning into itself where the end meets the beginning and infinitely continues as new layers to the same dimension are formed. I’m a Non-PhD. I know stuff

  • Nived_Neirbo 6 days ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 5/23

    Bought some cold brew in a jar last night for this morning. I love past me for thinking ahead like that. Now I’m off to physical therapy to make my leg as sexy as my other leg and then I’m going to go to work and be sad because being confined to an office filled with soulless former people, people is killing my vibe

  • Nived_Neirbo 6 days ago on Please Don’t Tell Me Happy Memorial Day

    “Freedom” is the marketing slogan buzzword that they use to get everybody onboard while we willingly give away our freedoms to corporate conglomerates who use our own data against us. We are much freer than most countries due to the courage and honor of brave men and women who go over and fight these wars but at the same time If we at home can’t see the bars, you can’t realize the prison that you are living in. When you give billions of dollars in weapons contracts/supplies to Saudi Arabia after knowing they had a hand in 9/11 and were omitted from the official report while also back funding the same terror organizations we fight against, the sentimental value of war and keeping the homeland safe seems to be used against us since we are essentially the funding source for all of this. Like any business, there are overhead costs but an initial investment that generates hundreds of billions more in black money revenue is hard to deny. The truth sucks, people that’s why it’s rarely ever told.

  • Nived_Neirbo 6 days ago on Please Don’t Tell Me Happy Memorial Day

    They achieve billions in profit for contract defense companies and their holders, resources for us while depleting 3rd world populations, a canvas to instill the illusion of democracy in a shattered landscape of broken people, the creation of new terror groups to keep the perpetual profit cycle afloat, experimentation grounds for the latest and greatest weapons technology, the ability to set up influence base camps to create a global totalitarian network, massive migrations of people to cause economic imbalance to neighboring countries, a new breeding ground for the black market drug trade, and many more achievements

  • Nived_Neirbo 1 week ago on Apparently If You Still Live At Home At 26, Teens Think You're A Loser

    Oh yeah? How do teenagers feel about the fact that they don’t have a future at all? Lol where are those statistics?
    How do teenagers feel about cosmic pollination or evaporating pensions/401k contributions? That’s right, no one give a fuck about what teenagers think because teenagers just recently found out they can get boners or have their vaginas bleed once a month and they are worth nothing besides maybe a future prospect for the dying/stagnant office world that’s gonna destroy their already jaded little lives.

    For the record, I don’t live at home and I’m still a loser.