UPDATE: They Downgraded Ernie Els’ 7-Putt To A 6-Putt Which Is Still Awful

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Here Are All 7 Brutal Putts From Ernie Els' First Hole At The Masters

Updated: April 8, 8:48 a.m.

What a feel-good story we’ve got here. Well, minus the part that Ernie Els legitimately considered walking off the course after his full-blown yip meltdown on the first hole of yesterday’s Masters. The good news about his 7-putt though? They’ve officially downgraded it to a still-brutal 6-putt.

Per USA Today:

On the green in three on the par four, he had six putts for a disastrous nine. At the time everyone he made a seven-putt 10, but that was eventually proved to be an error from the scorekeeper. Understandable: When the number of putts gets that high, how can you blame everyone for losing count?

Let’s just be clear here. The story isn’t the downgrading of the putts. It’s that so many people were mezmerized by this disaster that the entire world lost count because it got so out of hand.

Originally Published: April 7, 2:42 p.m.

We’ve all been there before. You get the yips and you want to walk off the course with your club broken in two, holding one piece in each hand. But the difference between how you felt and how Ernie Els felt? He was on national television at the most important golf tour of the year with an entire gallery of people watching him.

A vine made the rounds until ESPN covered the entire sequence in full. And it was BRUTAL.

You can’t recover from that. It’s not physically possible to. Three-putting is embarrassing. Four putting is inexcusable. Five-putting is downright horrible. Six-putting is barely even a thing. But seven fucking putts?

Keep your head up, Ernie. We still love ya.

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