Touching Base With Post Grad Problems Podcast: Episode 4 With Barrett Dudley

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We did it. We finally did it. The podcast will now officially be known as Touching Base With Post Grad Problems, or Touching Base for short. I’d explain the process of selecting a name, but we discussed it at length in today’s episode.

This week, we had Barrett Dudley on to talk style with us. As our Director of Product Development, he gave us some of his own personal style rules as well as critiqued our personal style (which was much needed). We also talked a little Masters preview, and whether or not it’s acceptable to wear Masters clothing if you never actually attended The Masters.

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0:25 – We discuss changing the name of the podcast to “Touching Base with Post Grad Problems.”

3:16 – The Masters, and whether or not it’s okay to wear Masters gear if you’ve never been to Augusta.

– Barrett Dudley joins us to discuss some spring fashion tips and breakdown each our personal style.

Also listen to our previous episodes.

As always, we’ll be back next week with more episodes for you.

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