Touching Base Presents Our Signature Man Outfitters Collection

If you’ve listened to the podcast at all recently, you are well aware that Man Outfitters is having one hell of a sale. Is 20% off sitewide a good deal? Because it seems like it is. Brands like Patagonia, Columbia, Arc’teryx, Nike Golf, Sperry, Grayers, and Simms are all included, which is insane. Just use the code BF20 at checkout and enjoy. You have until Sunday (11/27) at midnight to make this happen.

Now, because we think we know what we’re talking about, our friends at Man Outfitters let us create our own signature collections. If you can’t touch base in these picks, you’re doing it wrong.

The Carter Collection by Dave

Fosdale Athletic Pullover by Travis Mathew

Touching Base On The Man Outfitters 20% Off Sale

“If you thought my selection wouldn’t have a quarter-zip in it, you having been paying attention. Check this dude out. He’s either just leaving the course or going to meet some 8 he met on a dating app we’ve never even heard of for drinks at a patio bar. Maybe both. Nice move, man. On me, I’ve noticed a lot of people complimenting my chest and shoulders when I wear this. That makes sense because I’ve been training for nearly my entire life.” -Dave

Derek American Bison Driver Shoe by Trask


“I’d like to shake the person’s hand who designed, named, and #branded this product. First of all, the name Derek is a low-key power player name. The regional director of your sales force is probably named Derek. Second, the bison is so underrated it’s not even funny. Bison meat is lean as hell, and the leather driving shoe made out of that beautiful bad boy just screams class. If you can’t close in bison, you’re probably in the wrong country. I wore mine recently and was approached by some finance guys about tossing some venture cap my way. I declined, but it was nice to know I’m still wanted.” (not available on sale, but still dope as hell and worth buying)

Kane Stretch Straight Leg Twill Pants by J Brand


“The writeup on the product page says these are your go-to pants for the spring/summer, but I’m J Brand year round because I don’t play by the rules. These are perfect for casual Friday, or in any modern office. You can also leave them hanging over a chair in your living room for 2 days and they’ll be good to go with no preparation.” – Dave

* * *

Fritz Picks by Will

Cover Cloth ‘Mile Marker’ Jacket by Filson

“I selected Filson’s Cover Cloth Mile Marker jacket because it puts out the vibe that hunting might be a hobby that I could possibly entertain despite the fact that I’ve never aimed a gun at anything with a beating heart. Their slogan is, ‘Might as well have the best,’ so when people see me at the bar wearing this, they immediately assume I’m pretty legit when it comes to killing wild animals.” -Will

Reversible Sherpa Fleece Vest by Madison Creek

“Vest season is the best season and without the Sherpa Reversible Fleece Vest from Madison Creek, it’s kind of impossible for me to be too vest to be stressed. You might not know this but let me learn you something: sherpas are a Himalyan people who live in Tibet and Nepal and are renowned for their mountaineering skills. If you want to gain instant respect from that type of squad, owning this vest is the way to do it.” -Will

‘Atom SL’ Hoody by Arc’teryx

“I like this jacket so much that I continued to wear it even after I fell in a fire after a night of skiing and subsequent hard drinking. You’d think that a fire would completely ruin the jacket, but it withstood my abuse and was still completely wearable even with that brush with death. Oh, and it’s light as hell so it barely feels like you’re wearing anything.” – Will

* * *

The Fuck Collection

Desert Boots by Clarks


“As a native Texan, I’ve always been a boot guy. People know that. But it wasn’t until last year that I adopted the chukka, and these Clarks have the classic look that you hear about. They’ve been a total game changer for me ever since and now I can’t take these fuckers off. I’ll dress them up or even down because I play by my own rules.” -Dillon

‘Culver’ Double Cloth Herringbone Shirt by Grayers


“I wore this exact shirt from Grayers to the bars Friday night (with the Nano-Air from Patagonia that we’ll soon be carrying) and I could have legitimately taken about 500 different girls home with me because of it. It’s the fall flannel the guy is wearing in every girl’s fall time sexual fantasy. Clarks chukkas, this Grayers flannel, and the best dream-state orgasm of her life.” -Dillon

‘Chambers’ Athletic Shorts by Travis Mathew


“Just because it’s fall time and getting chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you get to turn into a lazy scumbag and stack the wrong kind of mass. You know your boy stays active in all seasons, and I’m a big believer in all things Travis Mathew when it comes to the golf course and the gym. These hoes are lightweight, stretchy, and the perfect length. Comfortable af, too.” -Dillon

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