Touching Base, Episode 48: Smylie Kaufman

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Touching Base, Episode 48: Smylie Kaufman

PGA Tour Professional Smylie Kaufman finally joins us after months of going back and forth. After discussing Justin Thomas’s win in Malaysia, we run through a series of questions with him including Jim Nantz roasting him for living with his parents and driving a Nissan, his Natural Light sponsorship, the infamous #SB2K16, Smylie’s Army, Harambe, The Ryder Cup, and what we think Tiger’s gamer tag is on Call of Duty. We also dove deep into some LSU-heavy college football talk where Dillon’s enemy, John Peterson, comes up. To listen to just Smylie, skip ahead to 23:24.

Prior to Smylie, Dillon and Will recap their gun-filled man weekend at Dillon’s ranch.

Follow Smylie Kaufman on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Smylie’s Army on Twitter.

Also, we had previously recorded the first part of the podcast prior to knowing Smylie Kaufman was going to hop on with us, so we never actually got to the listener questions that we teased.

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