Touching Base, Episode 44: Clowns, Allergies, And Listener Questions

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Between child rapper Bryson Morris tweeting out a word he definitely shouldn’t be using and people being assaulted by clowns left and right, there was no shortage of topics in this week’s episode of Touching Base. When answering listener questions, Will was asked how much he’d pay to never wipe again and Dillon was asked about, well, butts. We also got an ACL recap from Dave who also lead us through some “Real or Fake?” Vice headlines. And yes, we know – we all sound sick because of the allergies in Austin, Texas.

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Dave Ruff (Post Grad Problems), Dillon Cheverere (Total Frat Move), and Will deFries (Post Grad Problems) touch base on various topics to distract you from the office, school, or your commute. From Miatas to closing deals, nothing is off limits.

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