Tom Brady Was Rocking The Most Awesomely ’90s Haircut In Today’s Press Conference

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Tom Brady Was Rocking The Most Awesomely '90s Haircut In Today's Press Conference

The 90s gave us everything that’s right in the world. Boy Meets World, Gak, and Tom Brady draped in a Michigan Wolverines jersey, to name a few. And today, worlds collided when Tom Brady revealed his new haircut for the world to see at Pats presser.

Now before we go too far, let’s put out a list of people that this haircut resembles outside of Shawn Hunter:

Matt Damon – Good Will Hunting
Patrick Bateman – American Psycho
Dawson Leary – Dawson’s Creek
Adam Banks – Mighty Ducks
Sam – Clarissa Explains It All

I mean, with those guys in your corner, do I even need to go on? The nineties were everything that’s pure in this world so if Tom Terrific is going to get that haircut, I’m going to get that haircut. Last time I checked, everything nineties is in – oversized faded t-shirts, Seinfeld-esque normcore everything, faded jeans. While most football players shouldn’t be your fashion role models (See: Cam Newton), not all football players are tagging super models either so following in his footsteps might not be the worst idea we’ve ever had here, no?

Tyson Beckford. Hansel. Tom Brady.

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