Time Warner Cable News Twitter Account Tweets Out Traffic Update With Pictures Of Penises (NSFW)

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Goes without saying, but this is extremely NSFW.

Welp. Another day, another fired social media intern. Time Warner Cable-Austin tweeted out its daily 5 p.m. traffic update to let you know which Austin roads to avoid on your drive h–OH MY GOD PENISES.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.38.16 PM

Since we are children here at PGP, we couldn’t help but laugh over and over again at this. “Here’s your hourly traffic update: DONGS! DONGS EVERYWHERE! Drive safe, Austin.” This is the best social media SNAFU we’ve seen since US Airways tweeted a picture of a woman penetrating her vagina with a toy airplane.

They were quick with the “I was hacked!” excuse as well.

— TWC News Austin (@TWCNewsAustin) October 8, 2014

Click this link to a very NSFW screengrab of the tweet.

Please update your résumé and get your shit together, kid.

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