This Mom Was Sick Of Her Kids Fighting, So She Brought Down Santa’s Wrath On Them

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I wish more parents would unleash the power of Santa Claus like this. I took Santa more seriously than I did my parents when I was just a young buck. Nothing was more terrifying than the prospect of being placed on the naughty list and being left with socks and underwear come Christmas morning.

Laura Cole, a mother of three from Epsom, Surrey in England was sick of seeing her oldest boy and his sister fighting all the time, so she called down the thunder from the North Pole. This is how you properly deal with misbehaved children.

Here’s the full letter:

Dear Tyler and Freya,

I have been watching you for the last few weeks and I am certain that you will both be on my naughty list. You have not been good children. I can see you have been fighting with each other and not treating each other well. This has made me feel extremely disappointed. I am also not impressed with the lack of listening you do Freya and the attitude you have at the moment Tyler. You have 13 sleeps to change this. I will be watching you both very very closely in a hope I can change you to the nice list. If you do not start behaving you will not receive the lovely presents I have for you both.

Remember only good children are on the nice list. I hope to see you on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus

You hear that, kids? You act like a couple of brats, Santa’s gonna put you on the naughty list. This is the true meaning and purpose of Santa Claus.

[via Daily Mail]

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