This Jacket Is The New Color Changing Dress That’s Blowing Everyone’s Minds

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Last year when the dress blew up — you know, that blue/black or white/gold one — I was in a bar where people were getting in screaming matches with their girlfriends over what color the thing was. I was #TeamWhiteGold until it briefly switched, and then switched back, only to completely blow my mind. I didn’t know which way was up despite the fact that I still see white and gold today.

But now, there’s a new #TheDress in town and it comes in the form of an Adidas jacket.

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In the end, it doesn’t really matter what color this is because I guarantee the people at Adidas spent the last year devising a plan to create a polarizing jacket like this one. And it worked.

Oh, and this jacket is green and brown. If you think otherwise, you’re bananas.

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