This Beer-League Softball Team’s MLB-Style Instagram Account Is The Greatest Thing Ever

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The Toronto Stinkmitts are a beer-league, co-ed softball team based out of Toronto, but its Instagram account looks a lot more like the Blue Jays than a recreational squad that meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The account is pure, unadulterated gold. It features game promos, box scores, player interviews and post-game pressers with Andrew–the team’s player-manager. Andrew has mastered the cadence and idiocy of coach-speak down to even the smallest details.

Congrats to @quinlanjen and @adamnesta !

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From what I can tell, the Stinkmitts are having a pretty good season so far. Of course, I may have fallen victim to the PR-spin. Most professional teams have mastered the “turn lemonade out of lemons, or just ignore the lemons entirely” technique.

Here is to a Stinkmitts 2015 beer-league championship. These guys deserve it.

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