This ‘Artisanal Brunch Bingo’ Board Is The Most Accurate Brunch Representation Ever Made

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This 'Artisanal Brunch Bingo' Board Is The Most Accurate Brunch Representation Ever Made

On yesterday’s podcast, I expressed that I truly know nothing about current events anymore. The Brexit? I’m using buzzwords I’ve heard in passing to navigate those conversations. The 2016 Election? Most of those conversations are just me saying, “Ugh, I’m voting Libertarian” despite the fact that I have no idea who the Libertarian candidate even is.

But after expressing my complete obliviousness to the news, Dave called me out for solely knowing brunch news which is actually incredibly accurate. A major chain updating their brunch menu? Yeah, we’re breaking that story. If there’s a new dish that’s going to replace Eggs Benny as the brunch go-to, I’m probably ordering it before 99% of the population. Brunch is what I know; brunch is what I do. Which is why when I saw this Brunch Bingo board, I had no other option but to nod my head “yes” while slow clapping for how accurate it actually is.

Per Extra Crispy:

Pretty much every single thing on that list made me cringe in some way shape or form, partly because I’m embarrassed and partly because it made me crave biscuits and the addition of avocado to my huevos. Either way, I’m not opposed to printing this out and playing during my next hungover brunch. But I probably won’t simply because getting to said hungover brunch in the first place will be my own personal Everest.

Oh, and Lululemon’s response tweet to this? Everything basic ever balled into one.

Crushed it.

[via Extra Crispy]

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