These Fake Ice T “SVU” Memes Are Absurd, Also Hilarious

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Dedicated detective Ice-T saw a lot of messed up stuff during his time with the NYPD on NBC’s Law & Order SVU. So much stuff, in fact, that it’s hard to nail down exactly what is real and what is fake.

With so many different plot points the show has covered during its epic run, comedian and internet personality Sean Tejaratchi decided to have some fun and add fake realistic captions to screen caps of Ice-T scenes for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some of the best ones, via Imgur:







If you were to tell me these were real quotes from the show, I wouldn’t think twice about it. SVU has so much absurdity packed into an hour long program, it’s hard to follow sometimes.

Dick Wolf would be so proud.

[via Sean Tejaratchi]

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