These Drunks Playing Beer Pong In The Middle Of A Street During A Blizzard Are Heroes To Us All

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There’s really nothing quite like laughing in the face of Mother Nature and winning. That’s just what these NYC drunk asses were thinking when they toted their trusty beer pong table down to the street in the middle of Winter Storm Juno and started tossing some pong.

Our buddy Brandon Wenerd from BroBible caught the best moments.

Bros playing beer pong in the middle of 1st avenue in NYC during the blizzard. #eastvillage #blizzardof2015

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And now, the coup-de-grace, the beer pong slam dunk and table smash.

Here’s the full video:

Look at these assholes. Runnin’ around. Havin’ fun. Just playin’ some beer pong in a dang blizzard. Truly an inspiration to all. May nothing ever hold you back from getting plastered.

[via BroBible]

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