There’s A Church In Dixon, Illinois That Apparently Looks Like A Gigantic Penis

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This is what The Christian Science Society of Dixon’s church looks like when looking down from the heavens. And oh, what a sight it is. Yep, that’s supposedly what their church looks like.


Adding to the humor, the church’s motto is “Rise up!” Really. That’s their motto. Then, look at how nicely that tree is placed right below what looks to be the north rotunda. So they’ve covered the three criteria for a solid dick joke, with the vague outline of a dong, boner innuendo and even a pube joke. Unbelievable.

There have been claims that this isn’t a real church as this was the Google Maps image of the location below, as of this morning:


But don’t be so quick to doubt. The church has a Facebook page that dates back to 2012, and Google Maps aren’t always up to date. We’ll be sure to bring you as much dick-shaped church news as we can as it breaks.

[via The Chicagoist]

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